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I own, an experiment to use social commitments to increase people’s collaboration, productivity and reputation.

I am also very passionate about helping people (starting with myself) to become more courageous. Because of what I have experienced in my journey, I am committed to developing a solution to help others overcome fear.

If you share my passion and want to contribute ideas/expertise, please feel free to contact me at jia @

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • Will Capo’

    i like the idea, i found out about your 100 day rejection from reddit! You are truly an inspiration to me and everybody! Please never quit what your doing.

  • Josh

    Found out about you from Reddit. I think this is awesome and you’re making me want to try rejection therapy also! Keep it up! I saved this site to the bookmarks bar on my browser. I’ll keep checking in!

  • Sean M (@jersey2bronx)

    You, sir, are awesome. This is a brilliant idea. Kudos and good luck going forward!

  • Mike

    Hey there! I saw you on Reddit. You really gathered some steam in your confidence in just a few days. Working on your extroversion takes a little practice; it seems like you’re learning fast to boot! Congrats! Keep it up! I’ll be following you!

    • Jia

      Thanks, Mike! It’s been 10 days and I almost feel like a whole new person entirely.

  • Joshua

    Sir, this is awesome stuff you got going here, I will continue to check it out daily and the journey you go on.

  • Thierry

    I really like your project and can’t wait to see all your videos coming up! All the best.

  • Julio

    when I heard “entresting” I thought it was your accent saying interesting I just lol´ed couldn’t help it

    anyway, I think that you’re doing a very cool thing here, also the requests are just great
    and I hope you have a lot of fun in the upcoming days :)
    Good look!

    Here’s a free no for you:

  • Samuel

    Very clever way to overcome social insecurities and deficiencies. It’s obvious you’re doing this for the most part to become a more outgoing person, and I think you have the right ideas in mind. Keep going, I’m sure you’ll achieve your social goals in time.

  • Matt

    Hey! This is a really awesome idea! It’s inspiring to watch your videos and I am sure in my upcoming days that I may try out a bit of personal “rejection therapy”!

    I have one question though: Are you smiling at all during your conversations? I think that the biggest problem for me would be laughing while conversing which would make me seem like someone who is just trying to waste someone else’s time. If you aren’t, do you have any tips or is it just natural?

    Keep up the great work! I’ll be following you for the next 91 days!

  • James

    I am inspired. Thank you for creating this!

  • Peter Lin

    I rejected you terribly….lol good idea, have you thought of getting rejected by one of the Chic-fil-a managers when you ask for your drink to be refilled, that will be awesome too!! No more My Pleasure!!

  • Isamar Hernandez

    I have a fear of rejection that has kept me from doing many things. I’m afraid to talk to guys and as hard as I try, I always back down! Keep going strong for those who cannot! :D

    • ShellyDawn

      Isamar….I think Jia’s point is that there are many ways to overcome fear of rejection. Fear in general, I believe. You can do it too. It’s one of the best feelings ever, to overcome your fears. You, Isamar, can do it.

  • Budd

    This is very interesting,but I wonder how it would work with you looking different looking like me,a fat,long facial whiskers,half white and gray,soft spoken Christian biker,would get the same response.Or would my looks,even though smiling and friendly,change the outcome ?

    • Jia

      There is only one way to find out.

    • mississippi queen

      Regardless of the outcome, you would have tried, a success in my book.

  • Michelle

    You are great!!!! I can’t wait to see more!

  • Joe

    Really neat idea! I wish I could do the same but for talking to girls, my fear of rejection controls my every move. Think it could work?

    • Ginger

      Absolutlely! Just start with small, silly and fun things. Make it humorous, and you’ll associate the interaction with the humor and not the pain. Then you can build confidence and so real relationships. Give it a try!

  • lonnie

    Hey I Like what you are doing keep it up and going what you should try is going to a veteranairy clinic and tell them the doctors office was packed and see if they will help you with your cold

    • Jeff Evans

      Love this!

  • Nadine

    What you are doing is such a great idea! I am a very shy person, your rejection therapy inspired me, so I went to the mall and stopped by Kohls. I asked if I could get a $100 gift card for free, of course I was rejected, and I felt so silly! I then went to Dierbergs on the way home and asked if I could help bag people’s groceries, for free of course, and was rejected! So I’m going to keep it up, thank you for inspiring me, I will be a new outgoing person by the end of my 100 days.

  • Ryan Candelaria


    I am a sixth-grade teacher from Southern California and have been following your quest over the last few weeks. I have now started sharing your experiences with my students. They have some GREAT ideas for some rejection therapy; would you be interested in hearing some of them?

    Ryan “Mr. C.” Candelaria
    Norco, CA

  • Joel B

    This is an awesome blog. I book marked it and will be checking back here routinely.

  • ShellyDawn

    Thank you for your courage and inspiration, Jai!

  • Yaritza

    I just came upon this on yahoo and i saw the krispy kreme video, i automatically fell inlove with this blog! I wish you success in your journey!

    I think you should ask a high maintenance women/ or someone who looks stuck up to take a picture with you. I’ve been asked this one time by a tourist and I totally said yes which surprised them lol I think it’s odd enough of a request. :)

  • Megaggie

    I think the worst part about rejection is the dissapointment that comes after. People can sort of ‘train’ themselves not to hope to avoid dissapointment, but it only works to a certain extent. I’ve had my own share of rejection, (being fired from a job, visa not being approved, failed job interviews) and it was very, VERY depressing to have it shoved at your face everyday. But slowly, you accept that dissapointments are a part of life and you become okay when people say ‘NO’, because that was only the worst that could have happened. The most important thing is to not dwell on it and move on as quickly as possible. Well done for trying to overcome your fear of rejection! I think that you’re much braver than I am for challenging yourself to go through it everyday. Imagine all the things you could do with your new skills!

  • Joe

    What a great idea. As someone who has struggled with a fear of rejection, I think this would be a great way to overcome it.


    I watch the video i’m glad to see something inspiring for once heres an idea ask to preach at a church see what they say. keep up the good work and ill make sure to watch over coming fear is a good thing I have to do that everyday as a pizza delivery driver I meet new people everyday and theres no tell how they will be. Its fun but fast paced at times. also an idea go to an national guard base and see if they will let you drill with them or at least do guard duty at the gate be careful thought dont want them to think your a bad guy.

  • Jad Elahmad

    Hello I’m 15 and I thought this was an amazing idea and I hope you will keep doing more funny videos. This is my request I hope it’s a No! Haha just kidding, but here’s my question. Can I copy this idea because this looks like so much fun and that’s all I want to do. I will give you credit because this is such an original and terrific idea.

    You are the best!

    • Jia

      Go and run with it, Jad! I wish I did this at 15.

    • Jen

      Jad, when you’re up and running, let us know your site so we can all follow you as well!

      • Jeff Evans

        Yes, do a video response! I feel so cheesy thinking about copying someone that it would help if you went first.

  • LT

    I am so hooked! You will have to continue after your 100 days are up! Such an inspiration! You’re doing great. Many people would not be able to even begin this project! I look forward to all the rest you post! Keep your head up no matter what your future videos will hold. There are as many negative people are there are nice! I wish you the best of luck!

  • Angela Burnett Ridenour

    read your story on yahoo news great story…so far…keep up the momentum.

  • Eleonor

    gutsy! will definitely follow your journey!

  • Martin Deutsch

    This not only is inspiring, but hilarious. Great Job…Keep it up. Here’s an idea, at the Dave and Busters by you, there sometimes is a group of professional Dance Dance Revolution “athletes” preparing for competition. While they are dripping in sweat, “killing it,” ask if you can try.

  • Stokely

    Dude trust me you are teaching me so much right now its not funny. I am very easy going and when i ask people to do stuff for me as soon as i get a “NO” thats it I just freeze and try and do it myself or pay high prices. I am watching you develop and making yourself so vulnerable that you are learning the art of negotiation. Thanks for teaching me as you go along.

  • Beth (aks EweMama)

    I submitted suggestions on another page. Now I want to know what your company does … I am confused after clicking on the URL and don’t mind admitting it.

  • Jack L

    The Jia-minator! That’s terminating the fear of rejection Jia Jiang style! Although your mindset change exercise is not something new, your style and attitude towards tackling what is a daunting personal issue for many people and sharing your journey with the world in such a fun and practical way is going to shake this planet! Your blog is a living journey and each video is an immersion almost as good as doing it yourself! I cannot image the impact another 90 days is going to make on you, myself and the rest of your readers!

    To complete your blog, please can you post Day 1 and Day 2 as well? If not possible, please try to re-create them for our benefit! I just happened upon your Krispy Kreme video on Yahoo and was immediately struck by your blog!

    As for more ideas, if you really want a good hard taste of rejection, you’ll need to confront a few beautiful ladies who work as fashion models, professional cheerleaders, corporate managers or clubbing queens! And don’t forget your own wife as there are surely hundreds of things you’d like that she will no doubt reject you for!

    I wish you all success in your creative personal journey!
    Cheers to you mate!

    • catherineb

      day one and two are there. look for a small link near the bottom that says older posts. i watched them yesterday. very inspiring to see him so shy in the first compared to later…

  • Ram K

    Awesome Jia… I appreciate the fact that you have been disciplined about making at least one request a day…. Keep at it…

  • david kramer

    The other thing that will tarnish your website with time is your popularity. Once people start recognizing you in Austin then your yes’s may come just from the fact that they are being watched and wanting to be praised. People are a lot more likely to say yes and be kind when the world is watching. But your experiment to get no’s also could be called “Kindness of humanity”. I just hope you dont start getting a lot of yes’s just because they recognize you.

  • rosienguyen801

    Hi Jia. I just wanted to say that I think your ability to pick yourself back up and deal with your fear is absolutely incredible. I have a similar experience, in which I have been rejected twice. I’m trying to gather up the determination to try again for the 3rd time, but I have to wait almost an entire year before I can pursue that opportunity again. During the time that I have to wait, I’ll be keeping my inspiration alive by watching your 100-day journey. Thank you for sharing this experience with the world.

  • catherineb

    I came across your site on yahoo news, actually!! You are making some really big waves online, not to mention in your prsonal life. I have to agree with you when you said just watching the videos is empowering. I started by watching day 1 AND FELT MY HEART RACING FOR YOU!! By then end of the last video, I was having a blast with you. So I think I may do the same thing, without the video…especially the burger refill!!!

    And I was so moved by the way I felt for you, I sent my 13 yr old daughter to your site to watch later. I really enjoy this concept and wish you nothing but the best!


  • BrittanyLewis

    I saw the article about Jackie and watched the video in amazement. I watched all of your videos to date and thought what a sweet, innocent idea! But I was further impressed that with each video I saw you become bolder, smile more, and laugh at yourself! You are meeting such incredible people. Wishing you all the best!

  • Megan

    I found you on Yahoo!, what a great idea, will definitely be checking in daily!
    I had left suggestions elsewhere and then found this, I assume this is where you’d go, so i’ll leave them here as well.
    You could go to a gas station and ask the clerk if he could pump your gas for you, explaining that you miss the old mom and pop pay to pump gas stops and would like to see more of them around..or something like that.

    You could also go to your wife’s favorite restaurant, order her favorite dish and ask the waiter if you could observe in the kitchen to learn how to make it, saying that she hates your cooking and you’d like to cook a meal she enjoys to make her happy. Say it’s your anniversary tomorrow or something and you want to surprise her.

    You’ve come a long way in such a short time, I wish you the best of luck and keep up the good work!

  • Marc

    Hey Jia,
    Wanted to say that it is a great thing that you are doing. I actually have been working on something similar that sparked my interest. You have gave me the inspiration to really try to make my “project” work. I hope to hear from you so we can discuss my project and feelings on it, Maybe cross reference each other!

    Great work and I look forward to seeing the rest of your 89 days and hope Jackie gets the raise and you find the #1 car salesman/woman

  • Sarah

    I love this project. Best of luck! Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

    Question suggestion – ask a random person to make a donation of a certain amount (over $100) to your favorite charity or nonprofit

  • lucky

    Really enteresting……..this actually happened to us so I it was no even though it was genuine request….so you might try this….
    Going to (big houses community) and you can take a child and ask them you want to use their restroom badly (there is huge traffic on roads so could not go to nearest public restroom)….I am sure no one will allow stranger even if it is real need….and I really felt bad as I had 4 year old child who needed to use restroom and got rejected….what is the point of having big houses and many bathrooms but cannot help a human… try it out….

  • G O

    love what you’re doing and very entertaining. if anything, in my opinion, you’re showing us that maybe society isn’t as cruel and thoughtless as one may be led to believe. i hope you find as many people willing to say ‘yes’ as ‘no’. for every bad apple, hopefully your bound to find just as many good apples. it just takes someone without any fear of being told ‘no’ and willing to make the request as well as just one person/business willing to say ‘yes’! will continue to enjoy the next 89 requests and hope for your continued success. thanks for making my day brighter and making me think.

  • John

    Hey Jia, I’m interested in possibly investing in hooplus, I think it’s a great idea. How can I go about doing this? Are you accepting investors?

  • francoise hedrick

    I love watching your project everyday. What a great idea. It is a fantastic documentary. Thanks for sharing it! I think you should make it into a tv show.

  • Drew

    This is great! I have loved watching the past 12 days. Keep posting and I will follow. Being a salesman myself I am always thinking about rejections and fear being turned down. I have enjoyed what you are showing us through these videos.

  • Robert

    Do you think that you could get a “yes” from anyone who already told you “no”?

  • Robe

    Great idea, keep on going!

  • Victoria

    1) Ask someone in public to teach you a particular dance move.
    2) Ask someone to write down their favorite Chalupa recipe for you.
    3) Ask someone to give you a compliment.
    4) Ask someone to explain the different tampons/pads to you -in the women’s section of the grocery aisle- and state that they are for a friend.

  • Terry

    Thank you for what you are doing. Can you do this pass 100 days we can all learn from this !!!! I told your krispy Cream story at my work example of great customer service.

  • Jen Beck

    I hear the sound of introverts stampeding your way. I’m a fan.

  • mississippi queen

    I’ve been doing something similar to this for 2 yrs. It’s fun, I meet a ton of people and it’s amazing how many will agree to my request. NICE JOB

    • mississippi queen

      and you’ve got yourself a great way to market your new company (regardless of what you sell)

  • Deborah

    Awesome!!! very Inspiring. I have fear of making phone calls for a direct sales business. I have. You Encouraged me

  • Eric

    Hey Jia, I just found out about your journey today while I was checking my email. I watched every one of your videos here in the last 45 minutes. I love what you’re doing man!! It made me feel better about the 7 rejections I got last night. I’ve bookmarked your page so I can follow your journey. Keep moving forward

  • Jacqueline

    This is awesome Jia! You have a lot of great ideas!

  • Antoinette

    I absolutely love this!! I cant wait to see whats next!!

  • Roy

    Love the 100 Days of Rejection. Linked here from Yahoo story and I’ll be coming back for more. You should have a donation setup for your startup on here. You can get a million dollars from one venture capitalist or a million $1 bills from a bunch of us. I’d donate just because I get to see the CEO in training. These are valuable lessons you’re learning here and I think lessons that life teaches you are the most important.