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  • Patty

    I think already you should be discovering that it is not rejection but the fear of rejection. I mean already you think of ways to be rejected only to discover that you won’t be. I think that will be the real learned lesson :)

  • Deborah

    Dear Jia Jiang,

    What if you get more kind, caring responses instead of no’s to desensitize you to rejection? Maybe any fear you have of rejection could be healed by caring, kindness and love instead of more rejection? Maybe if you had enough experience of love, some small amount of rejection in life would not matter anymore! I don’t know… but it is just an idea that occurred to me when I was watching the Krispy Kreme video you made on Day 3. I thought about how beautiful that was, and I also thought about how much like God that experience was. He is love, unconditional and going the extra mile, like Jackie did. My hope is that you will come to know more and more of this extra special and very beautiful kind of love. Please write to me if you want to just talk! I won’t go on about God unless you want to, but I felt bad that you are going through this kind of therapy. No one should have to go through that kind of therapy.

    • Brad

      Could you imagine something crazy like asking a stranger if you could share with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Do you think you would be rejected?

  • mario olguin

    you should ask for a western bacon chilli burger at carls j.r.

  • Nic the wonder puppy

    Why only 100 days? This is great, but why only 100 days, keep it going.
    Could be my life of rejection therapy. I think this is the next big thing on the net, it is better then kitten videos.
    No you don’t look like a VC from the 60’s

    • Chris

      I think it would be interesting if you followed your 100 days with another 100 days… but this time using what you learned from your 100 days of rejection to work for 100 days of success. I appreciate that following each experience you are making comments of what you have learned. Use that!

      • Jeremiah

        I think that’s a brilliant idea Chris

  • Anastasia

    Hi Jia,

    Yahoo posted an article and your youtube video about your Krispy Kreme experience. The employee there is such a cool person and I think you are too. You are so brave to make a daily request. I plan to follow your blog because you are inspiring!

    Thanks for sharing your journey with the world!

    ~ Anastasia

    • Anastasia

      Hi Jia,

      I’ve come up with some suggestions for you that may be fun. The next time that you’re on a flight going somewhere, ask the flight attendant if you can meet the pilot and co-pilot in the cock-pit. If you fail at getting a no because they’ve actually said yes, ask the pilot or co-pilot if you can fly the plane. On a different flight, ask the flight attendant if you can do the announcement thing like where to find the puke bags, emergency doors, and other safety things that they have to do right everytime right before a take off or ask if you can say something/anything on the intercom.

  • Kevin Vetter

    I hope this goes to the right spot. Hi, my name is Kevin and I live in the up-state area of South Carolina. I love your idea of the 100 days. Here’s one to try, Go to the gas station and ask other drivers if they will fill up your car so you don’t have to smell the fumes or you don’t get anything on your cloths. I think it would be very hard to get other drivers to do that with those being your reasons.Give it a try if you like it and I will keep up with your work. Have a good time and bye, Kevin

  • Dan

    say your dog ran across the mexican border and ask them to let you through to go get it.

    • Anastasia

      This is a nice idea, however, I don’t think Customs will let you come back to the U.S. without a passport, birth certificate or other similar documents. An American driver’s license doesn’t work for them anymore.

  • Jeff

    Sweet endeavor, I especially like your idea of “burger refills”. Maybe you could ask a police officer to handcuff you and put you in the backseat of his cruiser? Or perhaps you could ask an airport ticket person for a free upgrade to 1st class? Anyways, I’m now subscribing and look forward to the rest of your videos.

  • Han Huang

    Here are some fun requests:
    – ask to ride in the back of a police car
    – ask a pretty girl for a hug
    – ask to borrow an item from a mall shop
    – ask a stranger to give up a parking spot

    Hope you get more fun ideas!

  • Elle Dunlap

    I want to do this with you! It’s hard for to even watch the videos where people say no! It has made me resolve to be more accommodating to people everyday. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your journey.

  • Sheri

    What you’re doing is Fabulous! You are teaching MANy people! Hooray! Okay, I’ve got some great ideas! Since it’s the Holiday Season, go to a Shooping Mall with Dept store – chhoose a store that’s cheerful and fun! Ask if you can sing a Christmas Song over the intercom and then ask others to join in! Another idea, Dress in Santa Suit, with propr permission – go to a busy restaurant at lunchtime and ask for gifts for needy children. Look around your city to see what needy children might need these gifts – later, show up in Santa Suit and Deliver them to Children, asking that they do one good deed (if old enough) then present them with a gift! Merry Christmas for Everyone! Keep On!

  • Katya

    I would like to try this! But I cannot come up with any ideas for what I can do.
    Keep up the good work :)

  • sean lucas

    Hey Jia! I think you should try going into a department store and asking if you could dress one of the manikins! All right…keep up the good work!

    • Jia

      Like this suggestion.

  • Aaron

    You should ask a police officer to take you for a ride!

  • Ryan

    Embarking to overcome the fear of rejection appeals to me as a concept; it’s just the sort of thing I’d try to do. I can see it’s doubly important when your business relies on your sales abilities.

    You emphasized that the outrageous requests you’re making must fulfill the legal/moral qualification. When you’re putting other people in these kinds of positions, however, it’s also important to make sure your methods (of persuasion, negotiation, etc.) are similarly moral. If you haven’t already, I’d highly suggest you read Influence: Science and Practice, by Robert Cialdini. Here’s the amazon link:

    It’s done a lot to help me understand the psychology of sales and which techniques actually rely on deception or coercion. Plus, it’s a pretty cool read. Good luck!

  • paula brown

    Ask someone if you can walk their dog?

  • Bart

    That is a good one, or even ask to be a Maniquin and model a sweater for the holiday season.

  • I can’t wait for the next video

    I can’t wait for the next day.

  • Dennis

    Go to the movies and ask a random person (who is also alone) to watch a movie with you. Tell them you don’t like to watch movies solo but had no one to go with. Share popcorn, decide on movie, and sit next to each other. The twist can be that you try to do this with an employee or manager.

  • david

    As a B2B sales rep living in San Antonio TX i have the perfect proposition. Go into any company and tell them you would like the opportunity to pitch their product to someone and land a deal for them just for the learning experience. Try to pick a product that is not too hard too sell. Like disposal services. Then go out to a business and try as hard as you can to sell their product to a business. I am positive that this would be enjoyed by all. And if its business experience your after then what better way to get it than by jumping right in. I propose doing it with Waste Management as they are nationwide and selling garbage service would be much easier than selling software for example. Anyways good luck to you on the remainder of your journey.

  • David Smith

    If the goal is to get over a fear of rejection then the Krispy Kreme day was not a failure. You made two requests you thought were unreasonable (asking for the Olympic rings, and asking for them in 15 minutes). Both requests could have gotten you a rejection. So by simply asking, you are working on your fear of rejection. Now if your goal is “dealing with rejection,” I think you need to redefine the parameters of your experiment. You don’t appear to be dealing with the rejection in any particular way and you need to define how you want yourself to react when dealing with rejection. For example: I don’t want to cry anymore when I am rejected. Or I don’t want to laugh uncontrollably when I am rejected. Then you need to develop a way to deal with rejection so you don’t laugh uncontrollably.

    More realistically it is something like I don’t want to get depressed every time I am rejected, so you are off to a good start be creating scenarios that are likely to result in someone saying “No!” But if you don’t have a process for dealing with someone who tells you “No!” then you are not setting yourself up for success.

    Like with the car salesman… he has a system to reduce the amount of rejection he gets asking questions. If by the end the car salesman still gets no, then he knows he did everything possible and sometimes that makes it easier to cope with rejection. He does this by first getting the customer to say yes as many times as possible before he asks the big question (little yeses equal big yeses, just like chatting up someone at the bar before asking them to come home with you). If the salesman still gets the big “No!” at the end he asks more questions, to see if there is a reasonable solution.

    Dialog will go something like this:
    Sales man: So you are looking at cars today…
    Buyer: Yes, but just looking.
    Sales man: that is great, what do you want?
    Buyer: it has to be silver, automatic trans, with good gas mileage!
    Sales man: I have a few like that, will you walk with me to the other side of the lot?
    Buyer: OK
    Sales man: what do you think of this one.
    Buyer: oh my god no! that is a car for grandma’s
    Sales man: so you want something that makes you look cool?
    Buyer: yes!
    Sales man: what about price? you said good gas mileage, so does that mean it has to be cheep?
    Buyer: yeah it has to be cheap
    Sales man: but you want it to look cool too?
    Buyer: yeah it has to look cool too
    Sames man: you realize that cheep and cool are really hard to put together
    Buyer: yeah I know
    Sales man: how cheep are we talking?
    Buyer: $$$$ (4)
    Sales man: wow that is really cheep, normally cool costs $$$$$ (5), you know that right?
    Buyer: yeah but can only afford $$$$ (4)
    Sales man: so let me get this straight… you want a silver car
    Buyer: yes
    Sales: it has to get good gas mileage?
    Buyer: yes
    Sales: it has to look cool
    Buyer: yes!
    Sales: and if we find a car that has all those things you will buy it right now?
    Buyer: yes!
    Sales man: how about this one
    Buyer: that looks ok
    (they take it for a drive)
    Sales: so is this car cool?
    Buyer: yes
    Sales: and you are happy with the color?
    Buyer: yes
    Sales: and you are comfortable with the gas milage
    Buyer: yes

    Now for the first BIG question:
    Sales guy: so are you ready to buy this car right now?

    if the buyer says yes, then the sales man takes the buyer in to start the paper work, which is a process designed to further the buyer’s resolve to buy the car.

    if the buyer says no at this point, the sales guy starts in with questions about why, and asks the buyer everything they talked about earlier.

    Sales guy: you said you wanted a silver car, right?
    buyer: yes
    Sales guy: you said you wanted to look cool and get good gas mileage, right?
    buyer: yes
    Sales: you said that you would buy the car right now, if we found a car with all the things you wanted, right?
    buyer: yes
    Sales: so why aren’t you buying the car right now?

    And this is the system a car sales man uses to reduce the frequency of rejection. The same process can be used for everything from dating, to dealing with your boss.

    Now this doesn’t remove all the emotions involved with rejection, but it SOMETIMES helps to know the reason because then you just have to cope with not getting your way. Just like dating. If you have been talking with someone for an hour, and you like all the same things, you start asking them questions about hanging out. Half way through your conversation the other person says “Look, I don’t date Asians!” then you can react however you decide. You can tell them, they are raciest! You can make a statement followed by a question like “We have had a nice conversation, we like a lot of the same things, why wouldn’t you give this Asian a chance? You may not like the answer, but if they are a raciest, then you probably wont care that they rejected you by the end of the conversation.

    Sorry for the super long post, but I hope this gives you something to think about, and helps you with your project.

  • Kati

    Ask a store manager if they would willing to donate items to a homeless shelter

  • Melissa

    You should ask for a cheeseburger without cheese, hamburger with cheese, or just a burger without meat(:

    • A.C.

      I work at a fast food place (Sonic Drive-In). Except for Grilled Cheese Sandwich, we don’t have any vegan/vegetarian options for burgers/sandwhiches. However, we accomodate many customers who don’t want meat in the burgers (buns, vegetables and sauces only). This challenge may be too easy to get a yes…Even a big fast food chain like McDonald’s may even say yes and accomodate customers who don’t want meat in their “bugers” since they don’t have any veggie burgers.

  • boltach

    How about walking into a corporation and asking for majority ownership in the company

  • u rock

    I think that this idea was really good.
    maybe you should ask a best buy if you can borrow a tablet for the day.

  • u rock

    maybe ask a taxi driver if he will let you drive the next passenger

  • person

    i loved the burger refill and the olympic donuts

  • KC

    As a person who has a deep understanding of fear of rejection, I can relate to your struggles. Hypersensitivity is something is I have dealt with my whole life, but I have begun to notice how many more people are afflicted with this than I think most of us are aware. I thought you may also want to consider that there is often fear in the act of rejection itself. I work in a retail setting–the deli of a grocery store–and often receive requests from customers which I simply am not allowed to fulfill not only because it would directly violate the orders of my superiors, but the health department, as well. For me, saying no to someone can be as difficult as being told “no.” I don’t know what to expect. But, because of my fear of being told “no” (or being rejected, or being made a fool of,) I believe I am often much more sensitive to our customers. Although what you are doing is essentially exposure therapy, it has taken me many years with a less subtle approach to be less of a push over and not only be able to kindly reject, but to be rejected, kindly or otherwise. Could go into this so much further, but it is too late/early, depending on how one look’s at it.

    I think what you are doing is great, from a sociological, entrepreneurial, or self-improvement/discovery perspective. Not only are you helping yourself, your helping others.

  • Sim

    Ask Whole Foods or a similar store to sell you stuff from salad bar or kitchen by Kilo instead of pound or some smoothie by mililiters instead of ounces. (It confuses them)

  • Matt

    Hi Jia,

    Saw an article about your quest in the local paper today, and I love the concept! However, I think you might want to consider changing it a bit to be even more successful and give you better success when talking to VC’s in the future. So here it is: Figure out how to get from “no” to “yes.”.

    The rejection therapy aspect is good, and will definitely improve your ability to handle the “no’s” without getting discouraged – but finding a way to get to “yes” would be even better!

    For example, go back to the car dealer and ask the #2 salesman if another day would be better, or if he could call you when things slow down and you can come right over. Or, be clearer about how you’d like to observe him and assure him you won’t interfere in any way and that you’ll leave anytime he wants you to. Keep trying every angle. Maybe even offer to give s dealership a plug on your blog in exchange for his time.

    By coming up with more creative solutions on the spot you’ll be honing your negotiating skills so the next time a VC says “no” you’ll be ready and prepared for how to get to “yes!” :)

    I wish you all the best and look forward to following your progress in the coming months.


  • E. Juarez

    Ask to sing a song TO someone. Could be Happy Birthday of you want. Double the fear. Fear of rejection and fear of public singing.

  • Kerrie

    I think you should go into a Starbucks at morning rush hour – when the line is very long and work your way from the back of the line to the front telling the other customers you are in a rush and see if you can get to the front of the line to place your order!

  • Kristine

    How ’bout going to a hotel and asking if they’ll iron your shirt even though you’re not staying there.

  • Kristine

    Another idea is to get in line at a busy Starbucks, wait until you get to the cashier, then ask the person behind you if they want to go in front of you. I wonder if it’s like the $5, if they’ll accept or not?

  • Kristine

    Ask at the Santa area at the mall if you could be an Elf helper.

  • Kristine

    Ask if you could be included in someone’s Family Christmas photo.

  • Kristine

    I am enjoying the wacky things you’re asking for … and stretching my brain to think of what I could ASK. I like this “therapy”, especially when all I have to do is watch you. I’m going to jump in the game too. Thanks!

  • ayearinskirts

    Hi Jia- Go back to the Krispy Kreme and ask Jackie for a date.

  • Danielle

    I live in Austin and I want to be your friend. I will stand off to the side and record all your challenges all stealth like so you wouldn’t have to worry about it while negotiating :)

    PS. the Austin Krispy Kreme really is the best.

  • Matt

    how about asking a park fr a discounted ticket and if they say no try negotiating with them.

  • fb

    Dear Jia Jiang,

    The quickest way for you to experience rejection in less than 100 days is to move to a big city, preferably New York or Los Angeles, become an actor, and go out for auditions. You’ll experience more than 100 ‘no’s in less than 2 weeks, audition after audition you’ll be told, or sometimes not, why you’re not what they’re looking for, why you don’t fit their criteria, you’ll see who gets the job you went our for, you’ll experience other people, sometimes colleagues, thrive and be blessed with the ‘yes’ you crave, so trust me, rejection to overcome fear is a really important thing for you to do but when you experience it so often and for so long as many of us actors here in NY experience you learn to embrace it and deal with it and thickens your skin and makes you a better person and a more dedicated performer. I love your idea, but seriously you should try auditioning or going out for a part and seeing what happens. godo luck on your experiment.

  • linda swartzen

    I SO admire you for taking on this whole project! What a unique idea…you’ve really got me thinking…thank you for being who you are & being so courageous & sharing. Bravo!

  • Greg Shea

    I have watched most of your videos to date. Great project. I have been in retail sales for over 25 yrs now. I have been in several positions including up to store manager. I have been on both sides of the fence for your project, so that’s where I love it. I do have a suggestion. Have you thought about dong same quest , but in different modes. Meaning, with your looks, you could pass as a tourist( have big camera ), hip hop ( dress according), college geek, or just normal person. Along with what ever mode, you attitude could vary ( negative to over positive). I would love to have seen $ 5 giveaway in different modes. I , personally, am very sure on self to talk to who ever. People are people. I have talked with several high end people in 2 different corporations I have worked at. I talk to them the same as a low end person, but only change talk to level of their understanding.Most folks that know me are amazed by that, but that is who I am. Only person, I have be unable to to talk with 1 on 1 is the CFO of the company I am with now. He eliminated the position I had about 3 yrs ago, so When I had my chance, I was too scared I would use personal feelings to much. Funny thing is I do the same exact job and more with different title , but less pay of course.

    Keep up good work

  • Sue

    This is great for someone who suffers with Anxiety Disorder such as myself. Watching someone conquer fear in such a unique way is inspiring. The people you have come in to contact with been polite, with the exception of one, and even go out of their way to explain the reason for giving an answer of “no”. There are times though I don’t know how you keep a straight face during your conversations…as in Santa Claus request. Watching everyday….

  • Harris

    This is Harris from New Orleans.
    I stumbled on your Krispy Kreme/Jackie story on yahoo news.
    I admire your journey!
    I watched ALL of your videos in your blog.

    I have a question.
    Do you choose your requests based on how far of your comfort zone the request is?
    Is there a system? or I guess since you are trying to desensitize your fear of rejection, you are going out there to get as much rejection as possible, so it doesn’t really matter what requests you ask.

    By the way, your antics are pretty entertaining too.
    I can not wait for your next videos!!!

    I bet the requests are going to get crazier and crazier.

    keep up the good work!

  • Nazar

    Only 15 days have gone by but it’s amazing to watch you go from an insecure, diffident person to someone who can carry a conversation about pretty much anything with pretty much anyone. After your 100 days of rejection therapy, you should film yourself doing the same thing but with the goal of NOT getting rejected. Getting rejected isn’t enough. You have to learn how to get people to do what you want :)

  • Nick M.

    You should ask a random police officer if you can ride along with him/her.

  • Elle

    Hi Jia:
    I laughed a lot watching your videos, this is the kind of news that I like to see (I don’t like bad news). The good news is your project is an awesome marketing idea, you have advertised for all these different businesses, so far It is free advertising for them (or are you getting some royalties?), and now this is getting big, it is a more natural type of selling what people do, and how great employees can be with customers in spite of how little they are appreciated at their jobs (most of those businesses only pay minimum wages). My favorite one is the Krispy Kreme lady, if I had a business I would hire her right away!

    I got 10 ideas for a sure NO, here you go:

    1-Ask an old person to dance with the head upside down
    2-Ask a seriously vegan person to eat meat (this person must hate meat for real)
    3-Ask any pizzeria to stop putting pepperoni on their pizzas
    4-Ask any business to close the store for a whole business day
    5-Ask a Doctor to let you examine him
    6-Ask a Supermarket manager to give you free groceries for a month
    7-Ask a gas station cashier to let you fill up the tank for free
    7-Ask a neighbor to pay your apartment rent for a month
    8-Ask a petshop manager to let you set the birds free from their cages
    9-Ask the zoo people to let the lions free
    10-Go back to all the businesses you alrady went to and ask them to pay you $25,000 each for the free advertising you did for them.

    And, finally, if any one on idea 10 gives you $25,000 please share it with me!!! :)

    Best wishes in all you do,


  • calbearfan7

    learn the mcdonalds rap and rap it to a cashier (the rap starts out like this: i need a double cheese burger and hold the lettuce; dont be frontin son no seeds on the bun…)
    ask chick-fil-a to make u something with cows in it

  • Sue


    1. Go to a 5⭐ hotel and ask them if you can take a nap in one of their rooms.
    2. Go to a cake bakery and ask if you can do a tasting of their wedding cakes/flavors for free; despite the fact that you are married.
    3. Go to Starbucks during their rush and volunteer to be a Barista for a few hours.
    4. Go to your Television Network and ask them to interview you so you can get your story aired on national television.
    5. Dance with the elderly at a nursing home.

  • Amy Coats

    I haven’t looked all the way through the suggestions, but getting yourself on Shark Tank with one of your entrepreneurial ideas would be the ultimate in rejection therapy! …just an idea

  • D-Man

    This is a very interesting project. I got a fun one for you that you can try out.

    Go to a restaurant, sit down and look around and find someone that has a plate of food in front of them. Go over and ask them – “I’m not sure what to order, but what you have looks good. Can I get a taste to see if I should order it?”

    I’d be interested in seeing the reaction to that.

  • Cameron

    You should try to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with 5 strangers

    • Jia

      That’s called being a missionary. Sharing your faith with strangers could be one of the toughest rejection challenges.

  • jessica

    Find a person that looks like someone you may know and ask to take their picture..

  • Mulligan

    Hi Jia, I have not had time to read through all the proposals. but I’ll like you to ask about five people ( could be one African-American, one Asian, one African, A European and some one from the Middle East ) to say grace (pray) for you. Tell them you are not bothered by their religion.

  • Steffi Alfonso

    Wow, I am glad I was able to read and learn from your blog. I am happy knowing that I am not the only one having this kind of problem. You see, I also have a fear of rejection. That’s the reason why I always have a hard time getting a job, which really hurts. I’m afraid that they will turn me down and that is why I always have a hard time applying again. :(

    • Jia

      Steffi, the more emails/comments I read, the more I recognize that EVERYONE fears rejection. We are not alone in this.

  • Rodrigo Lorandi

    you are so inspiring. i’m here in Brazil planning to do something just like you.

    • Jia

      Way to go! Do you plan to blog about it?

  • Maddie

    Jia i love your blog! Watching your videos and watching you have the courage to do it, its very inspiring to me!

  • Kodi

    This is one of the most “out of the box” things I have recently heard! I think you are a very creative and driven person. I am living in Beijing, China while trying to get a startup off the ground. Being an American in China trying to do my own thing you can probably imagine how many rejections I get….. I am not even afraid of rejections anymore. Instead I am more afraid of not recognizing the rejection when I encounter it, so I don’t waste more time and energy with a potential client or partner. However, I encourage you to try a professional venture capital company in China to fund your startup. If you structure it correctly you can offer the investor citizenship in the USA as long as the investment is more than 500,000USD. That should make the investment very attractive to someone in China hoping to provide a green card and American lifestyle to his/her family.

  • Denny

    I am reminded of the guy who wrote the book “Paper Lion” George Plimpton. He impersonated several professions, like a major league football player, or a Referee, or an orchestra performer, sometimes with, sometimes without permission. Also, the people who crashed a party at the White House and met the president and other celebrities. Security agents were fired over that. I guess I’d like to see someone talk to John Boehner and tell him to grow up and do his job, or tell Grover Norquist to take it all back, and let congress vote their conscience instead of his pledge. When they were growing up, I told my kids they could do anything and be anything. One wants to be a broadway star, and the other wants to marry Justin Timberlake. There’s a guaranteed “no” for sure… or is it? Hard to think of doing some of these without toying with people’s real emotions, or getting Homeland Security involved! One thing I have enjoyed is being Santa Clause, but then I have the natural beard and belly for it, so people encourage me to do it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Steve

    How about going to a Ford modelling agency shoot and asking to be part of the picture so u can add the photo to your portolio.

  • Linda Yancy

    Salutations Jia!

    This is brilliant! As a musician I often have to overcome the feeling of rejection before it actually happens. I think what I came away with from your videos is this: It is better to try and be rejected then to be in bondage of the fear of rejection. Reject is going to happen….but sucess will never happen if you don’t try.

  • dave

    I’d like to see you step up your rejections .. like try and get your blog URL and picture posted on a billboard for FREE … see if you can be a guest on a morning show and play your top 5 songs … see if you can get in a commercial for like … and keep getting rejected… think bigger..

  • Norm

    Fill out a White House petition to receive a special meet & greet invitation by Obama at … a rejection within a rejection; now thats entresting!

    • Jia

      Norm, very interesting idea. If I do that, it won’t be with a petition. There is no fun in that.

  • diane gotham

    Jai, have an idea. Pet Peeve I guess. Word of the day: how many people say “actually”! The Marist Poll has nothing on u!

  • loudefrog

    Hi! I have started the North America Party Would you join? We need some No men on the board.

    Would you ask some U.S. notables to join the North America Party. We can pay you after we get our N.A. I.O.U s printed.

  • Jack

    I was walking past a Sleepy’s Mattress Store and noticed how all the mattresses are lined up in a row and wouldn’t it be great if they would let you jump from mattress to mattress…

  • BlaBla

    You should wear a shirt that says ”Life”, and hand out lemons on the side of the street. See if people take them, and if they do, tell them to make lemonade.

  • Nick

    You could go to a Rockets game and ask for James Anderson’s autograph/picture (or someone who won’t play that game). You are bound to get rejected, and it doesn’t hurt to ask.

    It would be cool to get something Rockets-related in there. I know it is a long drive from Austin, though.

  • mj anderson

    I first found out about you on – u r very interesting!

  • Yousef

    Hello all,

    Thank you Jia for being so brave to do this!

    What kind of camera did Jia use in his videos, and how did he hide it in such a way that it was unnoticeable?

    Does anyone know, or could suggest how to do it?

    I am thinking about maybe doing some rejection videos as well.

  • Lya

    Thanks Jia for your persistence and hard work! I feel that the hardest rejection is not from strangers, but from people you work with, live with, having a good relationship with. At extremes it can be called betrayal. Personally I would dare to go out ask for crazy requests and being rejected by strangers, but not feeling too bad. But if I ask a friend for a request that I feel reasonable and being rejected, it will put me down for a long time. Also, if having to go through the same person again and being rejected again, that’ll be extremely painful. whats more, spending 1 day preparing for the event or spending 30 days of effort definitely will make a huge differences in the response after rejection. So I wonder if these more difficult problems could be addressed in your research?

  • Thomas Lafferty

    Jia –
    This is some great stuff! I’m someone who has had significant struggles with fear throughout my life, and am finally finding my way out of it. Currently, I’m an executive mentor who helps senior level humans identify with and connect to the other humans they work with. In other words, I’m an emotional intelligence coach. It was a journey to overcome fear in order to do this, particularly since I don’t have a sheepskin to hang on the wall. I’d be interested in how I might use a copy of some of your videos as part of a newsletter I send out about emotions and their impact on our lives. Please let me know how you feel about the idea.

    In Openness,
    Tom Lafferty

  • Thomas Lafferty

    Hi Jia – Thought I’d try contacting until I either get an actual rejection or hear from you :-) Thanks for the great advice on following through on requests until an actual decision is made. Have you had a chance to consider letting us use some of your video content as part of the newsletter we send to our subscribers? Let me know… Thanks!

  • Lauren Forcella

    Oh, here is the link to the column I mention you in: