100 Days of Rejection

I am going through 100 days of Rejection Therapy, aiming to make 100 crazy requests to get rejected. My goal is to desensitize myself from the pain of rejection and overcome my fear. Feel free to send me ideas and suggestions. Three criteria I set for myself: 1. Ethical (no lying or marriage-undermining) 2. Legal 3. Doesn’t defy the law of physics

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  • Aleksandra Czajka

    This is awesome. I love it!

    • Me

      Ask a taxi driver if you can drive to your destination. And you will still pay him.

    • Dan

      The creators of Rejection Therapy are now in developments for an amazing reality show based on the Rejection Therapy Social Exercise. Please Follow us on Facebook at Rejection-Therapy.

    • sherry

      Question….when you were walking out of the Dominos Pizza joint or the Abercrombie store, did you feel humiliated and think they were laughing and talking about you as you walked out? THAT is my biggest fear, not the rejection of my ideas part, it’s about being thought of as stupid or naive or being laughed at or made fun of. Thoughts….anybody?

      • Drey

        Actually, that’s the fear of making a fool of yourself and I think that fear is the reason that holds us back from most things. But what does that really mean anyway? So what if you make a fool of yourself? It doesn’t make you any less than you are. Just more real and genuine and people will respond to that.

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  • Richard sage

    Great stuff! Keep it up! I did something vaguely similar a couple of months ago http://30daysonobliquestrategies.tumblr.com/

  • Melanie

    Even though these are good exercises I think they can be improved. For instance, you would never expect a total stranger to give you a $100 unless they were very nice or very deranged. Rejection hurts mainly because of your expectations being dashed.

    • Joseph d’Orlaque Sr.

      I actually agree with Mel, Clutchfan buddy. Make them more reasonable request. Either way though, I love these. Pizza one by far the best.

      • Rogier

        That’s a nice insight Melanie gives. Try to find something you actually want. Maybe act a bit on impulse. Thirsty, ask a stranger for a cup of thee. Hungry? Ask an old lady for snicker. Beautiful girl and you want to know her better, ask her out or her number.

        • 66muds99

          I think some of you are missing the point of his videos. Jai wants to learn about business and he’s learning to be rejected in a business setting. Asking somebody for something on the street is not what he’s trying to get to here.

          • Julie

            All experiences are useful if you know how to change your perspective to fit any situation.

  • Theodore

    Regardless of what Melanie thinks I think this is a brillant idea, I’m looking forward to where you’ll take it and what you’ll try your hand at getting rejecting at :)

    • Jia

      Thanks, Theodore. I have a bunch of ideas lined up, but will run out of them sooner or later. Feel free to make suggestions, and I’ll do it if it’s a good one.

      • rogierius

        “Excuse me, can I request for something crazy?”:

        Walk up to a car with it’s owner and ask:
        Would you like to give me a 50 meter (whatever that is in feet) lift?
        It’s a ridiculous little distance you can walk, so it’s crazy, they might say yes.

        Could you hold this ‘insert any crazy object’ (Balloon with Hitler face drawn on it, a plastic fish, a camouflaged dildo, etc) for just a second?
        I just need you to hold it for a short while I ‘insert reason’ (tie my shoelaces, do 50 push-ups, sing a song). It’s reasonable to ask for a little aid.

        Go to a car wash and bring with you a removable white ink pen. You know, the kind they use to write on cars for sale and which can be whipped off.
        So go to a car wash, and ask anybody if you can draw flowers on the drivers-door. I think you should keep on trying until you succeed. It’s messes up your one rejection per day, but I think you’ll love it. You probably end up drawing something else on something else…you never know.

        Buy a nice looking garden plant with flowers, walk up to any random house in your neighbourhood and ask if you can plant it in their garden.

        Make a painting of yourself, go to a random house and ask if you can hang this painting up at their front yard. Bring hammer and nail.

        Bring a bucket of dirty laundry, and walk up to a house and ask if you can they can do your laundry.

        Walk up towards somebody and ask if you can tie their shoelaces. Would be awesome if you can learn the quick shoelace knot techniques.

        Walk up to somebody with pen and pencil and ask if you can draw them. Doesn’t matter if you can draw or not, just scribble away if they say yes. It’s more fun if you draw really poor and just do a chopstick figure with recognizable accessories they carry on them (blue scarf, red shopping bag, cup of coffee, etc.). That way they don’t feel being pissed at, but included in a joke and it’s personal. Just say you’re practicing.

        Crazy requests should be repeated until some form of success (like your free pizza). I noticed you really enjoy when you get some form of success. The whole fear of rejection is just approach anxiety. You’re well passed that and you should keep on trying until you get a success. I think it strengthens the mind better than just go for the no. You definite;y get a lot of no’s with crazy request, but then one yes or half yes makes it memorable.

        Above requests all involve and object. Just realized that.

      • Jenta

        To be a zookeeper and taking care the lion for one hour.

    • joseph Lesoken

      I think you are AWSOME! For handling your rejection in such a positive manner. If others would have done this I am certain the world would be a bit better. Keep up the positive life style! God Bless!

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  • Denis

    Wow. You and Jackie are proving that people everywhere enjoy a challenge and a chance to stretch their skills and creative muscle. She was so grateful, you couldn’t even pay her. (Managers take note!!) LOVE it!

    • admin

      Jackie is a star in my book. I wish she were an engineer so I could hire her to build our product. There are stars in every profession.

      • Mike

        Take a look at Jackie’s resume; you might be surprised what she can offer your company. She proved an ability to think outside of the box (pun intended) and then remember that none of us are as smart as all of us. I work as an engineer without a degree to support my knowledge.

      • Brad

        That is the definition of an artist, in the broad sense.

    • Melissa Z.

      I found your blog after an online news blurb about Krispy Kreme and “Jackie”. She’s such a wonderful soul and I LOVED your running commentary throughout the video. I think your idea is FABULOUS! I wish you all the best. :)

  • Jia

    Thanks everyone for your encouragement. This has turned out to be so much more fun than I thought. Feel free to make creative suggestions.

    • sister mary eunice

      do you live in the us? i do have some suggestions, but i’m in canada and some may not apply to you.

  • sister mary eunice

    you are so brave. i have severe anxiety disorder, and i could never do this. you’re kinda my hero.

    • Jia

      Sister, sorry to hear about your disorder. I can only imagine something like that will affect your life in a tremendous way. When I’m tired want to give up, I will try to use you as motivation and keep going.

      • MyTee Fun

        I think this is a neat idea and hope you get a great result. It just made me think of writers that try to get their book published and can receive hundreds of rejection letters. Maybe there is a movie in this for you somewhere down the line. As far as anxiety goes, my heart used to race 100 mph when I wanted to pick up the phone and call a girl for a date, getting pulled over by the police was nothing, normal pulse rate. I went skydiving & it was the greatest thrill there is. A natural high. No fears after that. I met someone jumping that was afraid of heights, so I asked him why and he said up there, there are no buildings to compare to, so you cannot judge height. Good Luck and I will try to follow you.

  • Adrian

    Wow, really cool Jia! You should go to a UT sporting event dressed in Oklahoma gear and ask if you can sit with a group of UT superfans!

    PS, congrats on making it to the top of Reddit:

    You’ve really inspired me today!

  • Kashif Haque

    This is brilliant. Jackie is awesome. Will check back regularly for your adventures. Best of luck!

  • sister mary eunice

    1. house a bug in a jar with some leaves. bring it to a mall food court. ask somebody earnestly if they can watch your bug while you go get some food.

    2. make a really ugly hat. tell somebody you are an aspiring fashion designer and ask if s/he can model your hat.

    3. go a clothing store. offer your services as a live mannequin in the store window.

    4. go to a mattress store (or IKEA). ask if you can take a fifteen-minute nap because you are really, really tired.

    • Jia

      These are fantastic ideas. I put them on my list. Not sure I will do them all, but will for sure do at least one.

      • Sharon

        Love the mannequin idea. But it would take more nerve for me to actually DO IT than ask if I could. Good luck conquering your rejection fears. I can tell you it gets easier to be bolder as you get older. Hey – I’m a poet!

  • davidjjohnson

    You should set these up as separate entries so that people can comment on each one. I want to let you know that I think you’re very brave for trying this and I applaud your hard work! I hope that you keep this up till you get to 100!

    I have one (perhaps boring) suggestion. You should ask a girl out (one that you are interested in)!

    • Jia

      Thanks for the suggestion. No girl-related requests as I’m happily married. I will explain later in a video.

  • Protocol Snow

    Really interesting series, and videos are well produced and entertaining. Betting this will blow up big time on Monday when the media outlets go back to work, congrats on your imminent spotlight!

    • 9er4life

      Hah you were right. Article on yahoo.

  • Dez

    Really awesome idea and videos Jia! I’m a bit of a shut in and I find watching your videos incredibly inspiring. I realized something about myself from watching; I find i’m more afraid of the rejection itself rather than not getting my request fufilled. Thinking about it seems so silly, but the fear is very much real. I’m looking forward to more from you… I found it difficult to even watch some of these, maybe watching your ‘therapy’ is the beginning of my own, haha.

    It takes serious guts to do your ‘rejection therapy!’ You’ve made a fan out of me, and you can bet i’ll be checking back regularly to see how its going. Good luck :)

    • Jia

      Thanks, Dez! Trust me, I have been there. I know how much rejection sucks. However, the fear of rejection is much, much worse. I will share some stories through video later on. If my videos have helped you in anyway, it’s my pleasure.

  • eeggss

    I think this is a fantastic idea and really admirable. Keep it up!!

  • Joshua

    I’m so glad to have found this through Reddit and to get you at such an early stage of your mission. Looking forward to more.

  • Megan

    You should go to a shoe store and ask if they have mens’ sizes of high heels!

    • Parmalee

      Wow what a good one! I’d like to be there for that one.

  • Jason

    You should ask if you can watch the super bowl on a strangers tv

    • deb

      go to sears or another big store and ask if you can have your friends over for Super Bowl in their store with food too!!

  • Jake

    As one of your rejections, you should ask a good looking woman to give you a foot massage.

  • Shown Nawada

    1. go to a paintball center and ask if you could use a real gun
    2. ask your local zoo if you could pet a rhino
    3. ask an ice cream place to pour habenero sauce onto your cone
    4. ask your gym if you could keep one of their dumbbells
    5. ask a local priest or mormon if they would like to convert to satanism
    6. ask a local massage parlor for a “happy” ending

    • Lacey

      No on #6; it’s very denigrating to the massage therapist, and potentially emotionally damaging if he or she has been a victim of sexual abuse in the past.

      • Brian W.

        Plus he is married :-). It may be detrimental to his health.

      • Dave

        *rofls* But number 5 isn’t denigrating? Srsly?

    • Zach

      #2 is an awesome idea. Could be any animal at the zoo

  • Hannah

    Perhaps you could carry a basket of ingredients around and ask neighbors if you could cook them dinner? If it was unsuccessful, you might make someone’s day.

    • Sara

      Another take on that: Bring the basket of ingredients, but ask them to cook dinner for you.

  • Rebecca

    I have a few suggestions. Ask someone to eat just the cone from their ice cream. Another one would be to ask someone who is having a birthday party (maybe at Chuckee Cheese) if you can be their clown , painting faces. You could ask a busker who is playing music on the street if you could play their guitar, singing one of you own songs. Good Luck, I enjoy watching these.

    • Lynn T.

      The “play the guitar” thing will surely get him a no. I would never let a stranger touch one of my instruments. You don’t know what they have on their hands! The thought of someone else’s hand goo on my instruments is more than I can bear.

  • occupytheclassroom

    Albert Ellis would be proud of you!

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  • MarieSC

    Not sure where you are, but if it gets really got in the spring/summer… ask someone for a dip in their pool! If they say yes, you get to cool off with a nice swim! If they say no, well… success!

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  • krystal

    First off, I think you’re awesome, and very brave. Rejection or fear of rejection, can be crippling, even to the best of us, so good for you for facing your fears head-on! Here’s a good challenge: what if on day 100 you asked out a woman you know and actually have a crush on? Its too easy to pick a random girl, so choose someone from work, school or church. For most guys, approaching women is the ultimate fear igniter, but regardless of the outcome, I bet you’ll feel great afterward. Good luck! May the force be with you!

    • Jia

      Krystal, thank you for the advice. I only have fear in business rejection now, instead of romantic rejection. Because I did exactly what you said three years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8fBAvapuNQ

      I’m now happily married with a kid.

  • andrea

    Jia, you might want to edit that last comment. You wrote “not happily married” but above you say you are happily married!

    • Jia

      Fixed. My wife had a chuckle.

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  • Julie

    This is so cool! I want to do it…not with a camera, just myself….to see what would happen….you’re awesome and very inspiring…..

  • Al

    Hi! Loved the Crispy Creme story.

    I would go to an RV park, and pretend I want to buy an RV, but then after seeing a few models I’d ask a sales person: “How many trips are included in the price of the RV’s?”

    When I asked that question the sales rep told me the “test drive” was the only trip included! LOL

    (Think about it though, at over $80k…you’d THINK they would come with a few trips AT LEAST!)

    Call a few businesses and tell them you are a professional photographer, educated, and are looking to acquire more business, and that you don’t “work for free”: now THAT is one 1000000% guaranteed rejection (but it wouldn’t hurt you as much as it does me, so pretend to be me when you do that).

  • Greg

    Aska a police officer to let you sit on their motorcycle or in the driver’s seat of their car and operate the siren. (Or firefighter).


    Thanks for being very original!

  • John

    About the “first in line” thing: I waited all night at Office Depot to be first in line. The next morning, when they opened the doors, the crowd just pushed around me and left me behind. I’d hate to see what they do when there’s an apocalypse, and we run out of food!!!

  • Billy B.

    Throw out the first pitch in a major league game.
    Get your picture on the jumbo tron screen.
    Offer to switch places with a priest in confession booth.
    Go skipping through the grocery aisles.
    Enter an art gallery with your art done on crayons, see if they will represent you.

    • Victoria

      These are some great ideas, Billy!

      • Sara

        I especially love the idea of switching places with a priest in the confession booth.

  • Tom

    How about asking Jersey Mike’s if for one day instead of asking if they want their sandwich Mike’s Way, they say “Do you want it Jia’s Way?”

  • Ryan B.

    Congrats on getting to the front page of Yahoo!

  • The Suzzzz

    You should ask someone if you can spend Christmas with their family (eve and morning). Ask a random couple if you can tag along on a romantic date. Ask a grocery store demonstrater if they will let you cook your lunch/dinner at their hot plate station. Ask the post office if they will let you deliver mail. Walk around with a bag of balloons and ask random people if they will make you a balloon animal. Walk around with a mayo jar full of whipped cream and ask people to taste it for you. Ask a stranger while on public transportation for a neck rub. Show up at a house that has a pool, in full swim gear, and ask them if you can do a cannonball. Ask a department store makeup counter attendent if you can apply makeup on them. Go to walmart and ask someone shopping in the sporting goods section to buy you a bike for christmas.

    • Kathy

      Love the idea of spending Christmas with a random family!! Our family would say yes of course!!!

  • The Suzzzz

    Show up at a random church you don’t attend and ask the paster/priest if you can give that day’s sermon.

    • Jia

      Might try that. Thanks!

  • matt

    Best one is the Santa Claus one.. What nationality is Santa Claus. EPIC!!

  • The Suzzzz

    I love the live mannequin idea!

    • Jia

      Me too.

  • Anne

    May your life be filled with a long line of yessssssss. Who knows-you might be “making someone’s life” by showing them a new way of thinking. I’m proud of you.

  • Victoria T.

    This is soo cool!

  • Suzie Gray

    Forget the corporate world. I think you should go into the entertainment business. You are really hilarious. Thanks for wasting half my lunch time. :)

  • dmarie

    Door to door sales is a true test of repeated rejection. I really like the suggestions rogierius made about selling something that people have to get involved in, like planting flowers in some ones yard.. You are having a huge influence and congratulations for making it to the front of Yahoo! News. Keep them coming.

    • Jia

      Thanks for the compliment. Might try the flower one, but it might be too cold for that now.

  • Robert

    (1) Go to local news station and ask to give or help give the weather report on a live show.
    (2) Go a senior citizen center and ask if you can give a half hour lesson to every one there (the seniors) on how to dance gangnam style…. then have them dance.
    (3) Go to the mall and ask if you could be the “holiday guy” for part of the day. (On the big chair and all).
    (4) Come up with a new sandwich idea (something realistic and fun), give it a name and ask if the local sandwich store would feature it for a day.
    (5) Go to the post office and ask if they would ship a vase with the postage right on it (no packaging)
    (6) Find a piano teacher and ask if they’ll give a free lesson to your dog. lol
    (7) Go to a clothing store and ask someone else someone (similar to the size of a brother or friend) to try on the clothing for you… to help you size it for purchase.
    (8) Go to the butcher and ask them to cut a steak for you in the size of a heart (for valentines day or something like that)… or some other themed shape.
    (9) Go to a bakery and ask for them to draw an image of a birthday cake on the cake, with an image of another birthday cake in the first image…. continue on for a total of five recursively drawn birthday cakes.
    (10) Go to the local zoo and ask to sleep overnight with the animals (this is the best one yet). :)

    • Tet

      Your ideas are SOOOOO FUNNY and OUTRAGEOUS!! I hope he’ll try at least one…

    • Elisabeth

      When I was a teen and worked at Sears I was asked more than once what my size was- in the lingerie section- because some guy thought I was about his wife’s size. Terrible! Don’t do it! :)

  • Darryl Henick

    I love these! I used to deliver pizza- it’s a real liability issue when it comes to driving for a company. Jackie went WAY above and beyond the call of duty. Personally i always make it a habit of putting in a comment either personally or online when a manager or employee does something helpful.

    BTW, as per your marriage proposal (couldn’t see it bc i don’t have Adobe Flash Player), did you say you NOT or NOW married with a kid?

  • Trina

    you rock. what a great idea. you are going to be fearless after this!! and you’ll inspire countless others to do likewise.

  • Randy

    ok so i’ll go to cheesecake factory ANYtime! that was awesome!

  • Nina

    you are hilarious! the whole “Vietcong” comment made me laugh so hard my coworkers asked what was wrong :) good luck!

  • Brian

    In my most humble opinion, a big fear for a lot of average guys (me being one of them) is to ask the captain of the cheerleading squad out on a date. That said, my suggestion is to ask the cheerleading captain out on a date. Nothing cheesy, just dinner, or movie, or maybe both. (Ok, doesn’t have to be the cheerleading captain, but a woman that you may not normally ask out because you are too afraid too). Oh, this may not work if you have a girlfriend, etc. Either way, good luck on your journey. I too will continue to follow your progress. Good Luck!!!

  • Steve Kuo

    if you really want rejections, join world financial group or transamerica. Tell them I referred you. Go sell life insurance or financial products. Actually, you don’t need to sell as the company says they don’t sell, they educate. All you need to do is to call people you know and setup an appointment to have your trainer to come over and explain to them about financial products. It is a win win situation because your friends will learn about finance and the company can get referrals or become clients themselves. If you are willing to get licensed, you make a split on the commission. E-mail me.

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  • Ryan

    Ask people walking down the street to stop and have you paint their picture.

  • Laura George

    I am looking forward to see what other ideas you come up with. Be Safe! Good Luck!

  • LD

    Jia, I think you are much more intuitive and capable than either you think you are or you’re trying to portray. These requests all are very well thought out and not entirely unreasonable. An idiot doing a project like this would make absurd requests like “Jump off the Empire State Building” and “Sell me your daughter for 10 bucks.” Rather, you are challenging others to think creatively and problem-solve, which is not a bad thing and certainly demonstrates your own genius in coming up with requests that are doable but not altogether simple. Are you sure you’re not like an Undercover Boss or something? I wouldn’t be surprised if this project of yours is all a coverup and you’re secretly a wealthy business owner from Shanghai who is auditioning potential executive employees for your American empire!

    • Parmalee

      LD, Jia is truly brilliant. He is gracious, friendly and thoughtful. Funny too. (the vietcong quip was too much!) He is obviously Korean not Chinese, which explains all of the above. Great people, Great culture. I’m looking forward to the rest of his interactions of which we can all learn something.

  • Julieann

    You’re going to have to get very creative, very quickly. You are gaining a lot of attention, which means you are becoming recognizable. When you walk into a business and become recognized, employees will bend over backwards to meet your requests, lest they look bad to their employers.

    Anyway, I’m a fan and look forward to your next approach.
    Best of luck to you in improving your fears of business rejection. You’re an inspiration.

  • Marsha Cross

    Really? These rejections are helping you? They are sort of silly and may be fun for you but in several of your outings you are wasting people’s time or possibly scaring them (I would be scared if some goofy person came to the door and asked something ludicrous – and no, I am not trying your therapy techniques to overcome that fear). I googled “Rejection Therapy” and there is a game for that. Maybe you should try it. Good luck with whatever it is you are really trying to accomplish. And if you want to get some real rejections – send out some resumes and go on some job interviews. It will get you numb to rejection rather quickly!!!

    • LD

      I believe the point is to get over the fear of that first step, which is just ASKING. Nevermind whether you’ll get rejected or not… I think the fear is in asking. So after doing that 100 times, well, I think you’d develop a pretty thick skin no matter what the outcome of your requests.

  • Christopher

    Dudeee Seriously, you are one epic person brother. I am scared of being rejected as well and try to stay well within the safety zone and within the realm of normal in most social situations. You have got serious guts brother, I watched all your videos even your proposal and thats something I could probably never muster up the courage to try. Though watching your videos remind me of a book i saw once called this book will change your life http://thisbookwillchangeyourlife.tumblr.com/ its got 365 crazy things to do for each day of the week and always thought it would be an incredibly cool thing to do. I live a pretty antisocial lifestyle and after thinking about and seeing this I want to try it as well and perhaps it will help me to get over my own insecurities I have in life as well. I hope it works and thanks for the inspiration brother ^_^ also good luck on your company and do you have any more interesting ideas for things to do over the 100 days?

  • Diana

    This interesting. I will continue to follow. How about going into a men’s store and requesting to borrow a shirt for an job interview. You will bring back tomorrow cleaned and iron.

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  • Tina Jo Jamison O’Keefe

    How about offering to give someone a hair cut at a bus stop?

  • Deejay

    I think I read/heard you mention your fear of rejection is on a business level. If that is the case. Why not reach out to a tech business near by, that you can have a face to face conversation. And propose that you want to pitch them a ideal. Whether that ideal be legit or childish.

  • Igor

    Jia, this is an awesome idea! For inspiration, you should go into an Apple store and ask if they carry Samsung Galaxy S3 phones. If they say no, you should then ask if they could give you directions to a place that does sell GS3 phones and then ask them if you could use their phone to call the place and ask if they still have the GS3 in stock.

  • Tamikka

    Go to a grocery store with a bulk bin section like “Sprouts”. Ask for a taste tour. So fun!

  • Kay Wright

    I went through rejection therapy, too. One request we had to make was to walk into a grocery store, pick one grape up, take it to the cashier to weigh it, and pay for it. It took me five days to be able to do it. Surprise! The cashier didn’t blink an eye, put the grape on the scale, grinned, handed me the grape, and said, “No charge. It doesn’t even register on the scale!” I walked out feeling really good! The ridiculous requests became easier after that.

    Good luck on your quest. Loved the Krispy Kreme video. Keep up the good work.

    Kay W.

  • John

    Love your concept. I think for one of your rejections, you should go to a bar and try to get someone to buy you a drink. It would be a good test of yourself in a social atmosphere, and more realistic than trying to get $100 out of someone. Start with a woman you find attractive, or a random person who you would not normally try to interact with.

  • matt hoehn

    ask a woman you dont know for a kiss on the lips

    this is a great way to learn to handle rejection and inspire others, keep it up!

  • Mani

    Ask a girl (stranger) that’s out hanging with a group of her friends will she go out on a first date with you “right at that moment”. Ask her is she willing to leave her friends and go out on your first date with her right now (alone). *if she says “yes” you win. if she says “no”, oh well”

  • Betty

    Go to the zoo and ask if you can be in the animal cage helping them feed the animals!

  • Anne

    I would suggest setting up an appointment with a bank you don’t normally do business with, and request a loan for an astronomical amount of money. Rejection in business isn’t necessarily rejection from Customer Service Reps. Many Customer Service folk are so trained to please the customer, that they even risk their own jobs to do so. Go into an ATT store and ask for a new iPhone for free, no contract, no charging to your existing account, etc. Ask for something that would require the person to possibly put their job in jeapordy, and you’ll get a lot more Nos.

    • Lynn T.

      I think his point, though, is to ask for something that is somewhat possible but that the other person isn’t likely to want to do. I don’t think he’s just trying to rack up a string of “no’s”. It’s about trying to convince someone to do something or be part of something that they could, but they say no anyway, and you deal with the rejection. Asking for a free phone in a store that would jeopardize someone’s job… he wouldn’t have ANY expectation that could be done, therefore the NO is expected. It’s getting a no when you’re trying for a yes…. and then dealing with the rejection. I believe that is his point.

  • RcJ2

    #1) Ask to play Santa Claus at a mall for one kid
    #2) Ask to get a free flight anywhere in the world at the airport
    #3) Ask to borrow an item from someone to pose and take photos with. Make it a random item such as someone’s shoe (only one, not both) or one adult.
    #4) Go into a business and ask if the CEO position is available. If told no, state that you’d take a position higher than that.


    You were on the YAHOO ticker! So glad I found this (LOVED the Krispy Kreme request..Jackie rocks!) Anyway, I will be following you for the remainder of your 100 days….I like your lessons that you write. (Like the FEDEX guy offering alternatives rather than just giving you a NO) Great concept, great blog…congrats on going viral so quickly!!! :) As you would say “Im a fan” :)

  • Blackroze

    You could go to Wall-mart and ask if u can pr-view their $5 movies from their movie bin b4 you buy it.

  • Adeline

    I came across your blog through Yahoo. What a fun challenge. I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully your quest will continue to remind us all that people are inherently good and will do their best to help out their fellow man/woman. (PS. I love Jackie – she is soooo awesome.)

  • Sal

    You are awesome!
    here are some suggestions:

    ask police man to take a photo of you in the back of cop car

    ask a random women for a tampon, say that your wife is in the bathroom and she needs it

    ask a random person in a parking lot to hide you in there car for 60 seconds, find a proper excuse

  • Keith McCormick

    Seriously, forget the raise:
    Give Jackie her own STORE!!
    Heart. Will. Charity. Can-do attitude.

    (Over that fear of rejection yet?)

  • Viki

    That’s pretty awesome. I enjoy watching the videos. :D
    I assume you are gonna write a book after that. It can be titled:” A hundred days into confidence” Or “How I conquered my anxiety” :D

  • KRW


    I’m impressed by your drive to tackle social anxiety on your own. One suggestion that I have for you is to seek the rejection and embrace it when it comes your way instead of continuing to negotiate or attempting to persuade the other person to grant your request. The best way to conquer your fear of rejection is to welcome it with open arms and learn not to personalize it.

    As for experiments, I would suggest you base them on situations you find intimidating. One thing I did was to go to a public space on a Sunday afternoon when it was sure to be crowded and walked up to random people and asked them to tell me the year and the date, explaining that I had just been released from a mental institution. Most people were kind and sympathetic; one mother/daughter duo looked at me like I was trying to con them, and another young woman looked nervous and moved away from me when I sat down near her, but even they answered my question. It was a great lesson in learning not to care about what other people think of me.

    Other things you could do include: stopping random strangers on a buy street or at the mall and aking them to pose in a picture with you; walking into a hotel, booking a room, leaving, and walking back in a minute or so later to cancel the reservation; going to a busy bar and just ordering water; strolling though the mall with your clothes turned inside out; joining in an ongoing conversation with a group of strangers ; standing on a corner wwearing a t- shirt that says “Life” while handing people lemons; tie a string around a banana and take it for a ” walk”- just so long as it’s something that’s going to personally cause you to feel shame, humiliation, or rejection, it should help move you towards your goal.

    I wish you the best of luck!

  • Amanda B

    I love this blog and the idea behind it! Very inspiring! How about asking to try on Santa’s outfit at a shopping mall for the holidays? Or seeing if you could help restock grocery items at the supermarket? Fantastic blog I’m definitely a follower now!

  • Eric B

    Great stuff, seems like you are having fun while doing this keep it up and good luck Here is my thought, go into a burger place and ask for a hamburger that looks like the picture on there wall

  • Josh B

    Good luck. Rejections can be hard, if anything can desensitize you to rejection this is it! You should ask a stranger to hold your hand at a carnival.

  • Kit

    Haha I enjoyed watching your videos!! Rejection plays a huge role in our lives and we have to learn to overcome it by facing them! Way to go!

  • VegasPlayer

    Nice idea you’re bringing to life here. Hope you make it to Letterman when finished. That should be your last rejection. Ask to be on David Letterman and he can say no at the stage door to you. lol

    Another one or two. Find a Strip Club, you know the ones where girls take off their clothes. Make sure that they charge at the door to get in and ask to get in free, then do the same at Male Strip show. If you do get in for free then ask for a free lap dance or free Champagne room dance. As Chris Rock stated….. There’s no sex in the Champagne room. I don’t care what the girl tells you. lol

    • Jia

      Sorry, I don’t do Strip Club. I will do Letterman though.

  • frederick mcevoy

    Ask a contractor to do free work. I only know two who does alot of free work no matter how tuff times are. 2. find 10 ppl with the like this one to do free work for you with giving nothing in return with a smile on their face so far you have one.

  • DisneyDana

    Big fan. Really enjoying your perspective. As a former “castmember” at that “Happiest Place” we are trained to not say no. In my role we use to say “Guest Requests are Never Denied”. We had to come up with some way to make things happen …. within certain boundaries.

    Both of my parent have owned their own business and my father is 80 and still running his 7 days a week. They taught me that with every no, you are that much closer to your next yes. You just have to get through all the no’s.

    Looking forward to then next 89 days.

  • Loudmouth Elephant (@LMElephantBlog)

    Very cool! Want some suggestions to get rejected? You won’t find them from the government… they give away everything! :-P

    Best of luck! – www.loudmouthelephant.com

  • Jason

    I stumbled upon your blog and have to say I found your quest to get passed rejection both inspiring and entertaining. Keep it up. They best way to get over fear of rejection is to get rejected learn something from it and grow. Keep it up. Some of the reactions are great.

  • Gregory Wasserson

    Dear Jia –

    Thank you for your video and posts about what happened with Jackie at Krispy Kreme; I enjoyed it so much and really admire your initiative and work to get the video up and the FB page complimenting her. It’s really rare to find ability AND people who appreciate it!

    As a fellow entrepreneur, I wonder if you are familiar with the works of Ayn Rand? Have you read Atlas Shrugged? Do let me know and message me, please. If you haven’t, do read the book, and let me know what you think of it!

    Thank you,

    Gregory Wasserson

    • Jia

      Hi Gregory,

      Thank you for your kind words. I haven’t read the book but will look into it. Is there a summary somewhere?



  • Rena

    Go into a grocery store that plays music on the overhead speakers and ask someone to dance with you.

  • Tamara

    I think it would be fun and interesting to ask someone at a resturant (any type) if you can be their food safety tester, like kings had hundreds of years ago. You want to make sure that it is safe, flavorful and meeting your set standards.

  • The Guat

    This was awesome. I saw your Krispy Kreme episode featured on Yahoo. Jackie truly rocks. Hopefully your project is going better. But if everyone’s experience was like that one … dude … it would be truly awesome. Good luck on your journey. :)

  • Lynn

    hahaha! some of the suggestions in the comments are funny… I like the art in crayons, eating someone’s ice cream cone, and taking a nap on a bed at ikea… I look forward to the rest of your videos! Thank you!

  • Tina H.

    I don’t have any suggestions, but I just want to say that this is awesome, and what you’re doing is awesome.
    Seriously, even though you go in expecting a rejection, I couldn’t do something like this. I’m glad you can.

  • Heather Nichols

    A couple ideas
    1. Go to a movie theater and ask if you can pantomime along with one of the movies.
    2. Ask a stranger if you can walk their dog.
    3. Go into a library and ask them if you could watch a football game on either a television or computer, without headphones.
    4. Go to a butcher and ask them if they would import kangaroo meat for you.
    5. Try to rush a college sorority, or try and join a women’s only/women exclusive group.

  • Brittany

    I love your project!! It is so creative and you are brave to face your fears! I have an idea for you….go to a dog park and ask to walk a stranger’s dog. Good luck!

  • Ellen

    Ask if you can be a live model/mannequin in a store’s window!

  • wdup

    krispy kreme is the bomb! consider switching your comment system to one that uses facebook only. i see you have the facebook option but nobody is using it. switching to the facebook only would help your site get traffic because everytime someone comments it will show up on their facebook timeline with a link to the story they commented on. just saw the krispy kreme story on the front page of yahoo so you are about to get a lot of traffic…if you are going to switch to take advantage of that traffic you best do it NOW!! good luck

  • RandyT

    This makes for some good late-night humor, but I’m how approaching a situation where the request is so absurd that you WANT the rejection actually helps you get over your fear of rejection?

    • RandyT

      …I’m *wondering” how….

  • Shane

    I have watched your videos and I think you are doing an excellent job dealing with rejection. If you are trying to overcome rejection as a whole, or at least learn to deal with it better in the future, I would suggest making your requests to a group rather than individuals, and have the request be potentially akward. With the public aspect that a group provides and the potential emotional interaction that an akward request invokes, this will truly push the experience.

    The closest that you came to an akward request was for the person at Best Buy to give up his hard earned spot for you. I guarentee that he was emotionally attached to that spot.


    -Request to speak about a different belief system during a church procession.
    -Attend a rally and ask to propose the logical side of an alternate viewpoint.
    -Locate and attend a local special interest group meeting and ask to propose the logical side of a counter view.

    Good luck!

  • Olivia C

    This may not seem that crazy, but ride a bicycle through a drive through. I’ve always wanted to try it, but have been to afraid of being turned down.

    • Harmony

      I have done this! I was a teenager and I didn’t even expect to be rejected. But yes, I WAS.

  • Vee

    free foot massage by a professional masseuse
    ride with a police officer for a day

  • Brooster

    I think you’ve graduated to the next level. Now you need to seek something where rejection needs to be overcome rather than achieved. Visit your insurance company and ask them to lower your rates without reducing your coverage. Ask your boss for a raise or a bonus. Ask for a free night at a hotel in exchange for something. Ask a bank to donate money to your effort. Also, I really like reading your lessons learned from each day. And one thing I’m really glad to see – most people are still good!

  • Victoria

    Jia, you are awesome! Thanks for making my night… =)

  • Hilary

    I’m glad to read that your fear of rejection is related to business. I am trying to start my own business and it is hard for me to promote myself. What about something that gives you a ridiculous appearance in some subtle way, like a lettuce leaf in your teeth, while trying to have a serous business-related conversation, or when you are promoting something, even if it is a fake product? Did that make any sense? Have you

    • Hilary

      oops! not sure why that got cut off! Have you seen the Failure Club on Yahoo?


    Ask a restaurant if you can have the most expensive meal for free .
    Go to a park with a soccer game being played and ask to stand in for a player .
    Visit a police station and ask to sit in a cell with suspects for an hour.
    Visit a court and ask can you sit in the judges chair.
    Visit a phone store and ask can you make an international call on a test phone.
    Visit a fast food chain and ask for 1 french fry and a cap full of soda for 1 penny.
    Visit massage place ask for 1 minute massage on your big toe.
    Visit a random BBQ and ask for a plate.
    Ask to deliver mail for a mail-person.
    Stop at a bus stop and offer a ride to next bus stop.
    Go to a taxi stand and ask for a taxi ride 10 feet.
    I will give you more suggestions later I have a customer now. Keep up the good work…

  • Jess

    I absolutely love this idea and the spirit behind it. We should all try to live life less afraid and inhibited. Thanks for sharing this!
    A few suggestions for rejection:
    – go to a movie theater and ask the manager if you can do a short presentation to an audience before the start of the movie (for example: before a cartoon movie you could ask to do a presentation on the history of animation.)
    – some grocery stores (publix for example) prepare food for samples. Take different ingredients from around the store and ask them to prepare you a sample from those instead.
    – Stay at a hotel and try to convince housekeeping to also clean your car

    Good luck with your journey!

  • Donna (@Donibeza)

    Go to a Haircuttery and ask for a 5-10 min scalp massage instead of and for the same price as a haircut.

  • charli (in houston)

    You’re in Austin? Ask Perry if you can sit behind his desk!

  • Rachel

    You are so cute. Love watching your videos:)

  • Brian W.

    Great Job. Fear of rejection is powerful, but you show suprising courage asking some seriously off the wall requests. Keep it going I am interested in where it leads.

  • Kevin

    I’ve always thought it would be odd if someone took a photo of someone else’s family. Like if you see a family getting a photo together, and ask if you could take a photo of them too, just for your own photo collection. It would be awesome if you did this!!! I mean…got rejected by trying to do this. ;)

  • Asher Jacobson

    This is so cool. Jia you are destined for success!! this makes me want to go out and get rejected like i used to during my last sales job approaching strangers everywhere!! A random Idea that I think would be hysterical: walk into a bank or even better an investment group and ask to start a ponzi scheme :) but keep it up i love the humor and the courage you display!!

    • pghammmond


  • 4xtra

    He appears to be very non threatening….
    if a “brotha” did what he is doing, the outcome would be DRASTICALLY different

    • Thinking

      True! I bet there would be a lot more Nos… though a lot depends on HOW a person goes about it.

  • Thinking

    First of all, this is an awesome project and I’m really impressed!

    One thought: I notice that a lot of your requests are at businesses, and you’ve gotten a good amount of Yesses at businesses. I think it would be a good idea to branch out since you’re trying to get Nos. Since customer service is a really high value at most businesses, I bet most will try to accomodate you with a yes, thus making it a “fail” for you, though fun for us to watch.

    To get more Nos, try asking more individual people, kinda man-on-the-street type stuff! It might provoke a more authentic response (of no!), since the person won’t feel like they have their job or their company’s reputation riding on how they respond to your request.

    Some ideas:
    1. Ask someone to borrow their dog for the day.
    2. Ask if someone will trade shirts with you.
    3. Ask someone waiting for a bus if they want a free foot massage while they wait.
    4. Ask someone ahead of you in line if they’ll buy your coffee/lunch/headphones/condoms/etc.
    5. Ask someone to buy your watch (or some other random useful thing that they may not want.)
    6. Ask someone to write you an original poem.
    7. Ask someone to dance with you on the sidewalk while you play a song out loud on your iPhone.

  • brokenactress

    Ask a school principal if you can sing the morning pledge of allegiance. Ask to sit in on a strangers parent/teacher conference. Go to Kay Jewelers and ask them if you can borrow a ring so your fiance at home can try it on.

    • pghammmond

      I like this one myself

  • maryko

    Tell someone in the street that you suddenly became very famous overnight, and ask them to help you respond to people’s comments on your blog.

  • Leena

    Hi Jia

    Sitting thousands miles away from your testing ground :), here in Dubai, your story on Yahoo was the perfect read and heart warming. We have Krispy Kreme here, but do we have a Jackie, not so sure….though ordinary folk in this multicultural city have big hearts.
    While visiting US a couple of years ago, the main issue was to grab a bite during one of our long highway trips, most eating places were in the process of shutting down at 7.30 pm or so and no one would entertain a hungry family. It was strange for us, as here in Dubai, we have 24-hour gas stations with food outlets not to mention all night restauarants… so may be you could convince someone to serve you a meal as they are downing the shutters..

    All the best on your life-changing journey

  • Jeff

    Go to a movie theater and ask for a ticket to see a movie from “the best seat in the house”, the projection room.

  • pghammmond

    Go to a restaurant and ask for a diet water

  • Olga

    Try going to a modeling agency and asking them for palaroid tests explaining that you suddenly realized that you were born to be a fashion model : )

  • Mega Mmom 808

    Since you livein Austin, Texas, go to your nearest Costco, ask them to reduce an item for sale to the after Christmas sale price. Go to GolfSmith, ask them to teach you how to swing any golf club, then ask them to borrow the clubs for free for a round of golf! Go to Round Rock, ask them if you could train for a day with the baseball team. Go to Central Harley Davidson, park far away and ask someone to pack you for a ride back to your car in the parking lot…Go to Austin PD, ask for (email me) and if he would sing you a country song on his guitar if he says no, ask for a ride home, Go to Salt Lick and ask them if you could sample everything on their happy hour menu (food only) bring your own water…go to Pluckers, ask to watch a UFC fight for half off the cover charge! Go to Roy’s Restaurant and order a spam musubi! I live in Hawaii, read your article and I have family in Austin! You are much braver than you realize! What a nice blog for your offspring someday when they are old enough to understand! Aloha and Best wishes from Hawaii!

  • Pingback: Le ciambelle a forma di cerchi olimpici. Una storia americana | iMerica

  • Beth (aks EweMama)

    The suggestions already posted are hilarious – I have a feeling Letterman will be calling you soon. Go to a NASCAR race and ask to drive the pace car or to give the command to start engines. Ask someone on a sidewalk if they will jump rope with you. Go to an animal shelter and ask to take a dog or cat for a test walk, or if you can feed the birds. (I haven’t looked at all the other suggestions so some of these may be a repeat idea.) Go to a beauty salon and ask if you can give a customer/client a shampoo. Go to Walmart and ask if you can be the door greeter (the one in my area has stopped that practice but I hope bigger stores have not). Go to a high school football game and ask to do the play-by-play, or be an assistant coach for that game. Go to a bakery and ask to taste-test a birthday cake.

  • janny

    Hi Jia,

    I was reading your blog and find it interesting but potentially problematic. Here’s why. I used to work in customer service for a long time across a variety of stores and I feel like this blog might be exploiting the life of someone in customer service. You mention that your acts must have “dignity” but where is the dignity for the person you are inlisting in them? I think you should focus more on things that YOU do not that you are trying to get others to do for you. This is just asking some poor person who just wants to get through their day to do something crazy. Of course you will be rejected. What do you learn from doing something you know will end in rejection, especially at the annoyance of someone else?

    Its almost like you are playing a prank on them and the whole “rejection therapy” thing is a ruse to get it to seem noble.

    I don’t have a problem with the whole idea if it is played out well, just skip bothering the poor cashier who just wants to get off their shift without becoming a viral video.

    • june

      “What do you learn from doing something you know will end in rejection, especially at the annoyance of someone else?”

      Not trying to answer for Jia here, just sharing my own thoughts: I believe that’s the whole point, the annoyance or disapproval or simple following of rules by the person asked would result in rejection, & it’s the repeated experience of that rejection that Jia is trying to have so as to blunt the pain experienced in that refusal (desensitization). The act he is trying to get the other person to do is reasonable enough (dignified, legal/moral), though it may be “crazy,” i.e., may demand more time, effort, or authorization than the person has or is willing to put in at that moment, and so the person’s refusal can always be justified. I also believe Jia takes care not to disclose the identity of the person if the latter’s reaction could be construed as negative (unjustifiable in the context).

      “I think you should focus more on things that YOU do not that you are trying to get others to do for you.”

      I think the essence of rejection is another person refusing to grant you something you asked for. Maybe you’re thinking of failure, where you don’t have to have another person involved to experience it?

    • tim

      It’s better to lack self confidence than to be a jerk.

  • Chad

    just watched all your videos – this is such a great idea. i am so impressed with your courage and positivity Jia! Do you know what my favorite thing is though? My favorite thing is your lessons learned at the end. I am learning along with you – so thank you.

    • jennifermeuse@hotmail.com

      I agree. Jia, you are really awesome!

  • june

    I think what you’re doing is brave, & I wanted to wish you well on your journey. You’ve inspired me too to view the instances when I feel socially awkward in a new light: I might try to notch up more of those experiences to achieve desensitization. Thanks, and the best to you & your family.

    Suggestion: bring a CD of your favorite music to a coffeeshop or other establishment, & ask the staff if they can play it as their piped-in music during the time you’re there

  • Galatis

    Ask an agent or casting director for an acting role in a film or commercial; or are you preparing for that with this project? Delightful work so far, I am enjoying it!!

  • Dan


    I enjoy you blog and find it very entertaining. Unfortunately I do not think what you are doing will help with rejection. While it will help build you confidence to ask others to do things, to overcome the fear of rejection you must actual fear that you will be rejected for what you are about to do. Do something that will have an emotional impact on you if you are rejected. You should not walk away feeling relieved that you have been rejected.

    Apply for that dream job that you think you should be doing.

    If you are single, ask that girl you have a crush on to go on a date.

    If you are married, tell your wife the one thing you would never want her to know.

    Give a speech about a subject you are passionate about in front of a large group and have them give anonymous feedback.

    I am sure there tons of ideas that would actually have an emotional impact if you were to be rejected. If this project is only for entertainment, then continue on with your plan. If the project is to build confidence, then maybe you should change the name. If your ultimate goal is to overcome the fear of rejection, do something you truly fear being rejected.

    • tim

      Your ideas would force Jia actually risk rejection.
      He would rather bother innocent service industry employees so he can post funny videos on the internet.
      That way he gets to avoid genuinely facing his fears while simultaneously getting a self-esteem boost from people who comment on his blog.

      • 66muds99


        You’re missing one important fact here: Culture. As someone who’s lived in Asian cultures most of his adult life, you then to try to avoid the very thought of the confrontation of rejection, let alone any rejection itself. Rejection means “to lose face” especially in public, and that’s a great negative for many.

        What he’s doing is trying to catch up on what he’s missed not growing up in North America. It’s a brilliant idea, and one that will serve him well in the future.

        As far as dealing with service people, that’s there job. No matter who comes in the door, they are representing their company. But have you noticed how nice most have been to him? And older people say the younger generation doesn’t understand politeness. This video series is putting that to rest.

        Well done, Jai, and keep up the good work.

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  • Alex A.

    Here are three ideas. 1) request to read someone’s diary for 15 minutes. 2) ask if you can sit in the Governors Chair or some elected officials seat. 3) ask a random person if you can rub their feet.

  • Danielle

    Janny, I agree, and I’m glad to see someone finally said it. Please consider the other person.I think most of your requests have been reasonable. It’s some of the requests that pop up in the comments that are not. If this is going to be an uplifting experience, just take a moment to consider how the other person will feel. Asking for something is never wrong, but refusing to accept “no” is annoying and frustrating for the person having to say no.

    • tim


  • c

    While this is an interesting exercise to see someone do, I’d like to see someone try a “100 days of Random Acts of Kindness” exercise. I’m not sure how s/he would track the “results” of his/her kind actions, but I’m certain the person doing the Kind Acts would benefit greatly in terms of personal growth and emotional wholeness by doing them! That effect has value enough to launch the effort. : ) I think anonymity in the acts might be a good parameter to include, as well. Anyone interested? Bueller? Anyone?

    • J

      check out http://intentionalactsofkindness.blogspot.com/

  • Jenny

    By making this blog, you have showed a lot of bravery. Most people would never do it… ever. Look at that, you’ve already taken a huge leap over the “Rejection” line. You’re on your way, dude! Keep up the awesome stuff! I’m enjoying this.

  • Victoria

    Wow, very interesting. I am following you though Bloglovin.

  • Christie Golden

    Tuned in because of Jackie at Krispy Kreme, going to try to keep up with you! I am a professional author, but even we struggle with rejection! Here is what came to me: “When you learn to accept ‘no,’ the universe begins to say ‘yes’ in more ways, and more swiftly, than you can possibly imagine.” Thank you for teaching us that!

  • Tiera

    This is great, I’m going to try and keep up. You don’t seem like rejection would be hard for you at all!

  • tim

    There are lots of people in the world who have no fear of rejection, who aren’t afraid to ask for something regardless of how unreasonable their request is, and to negotiate further even after they have been told “NO.”
    Those people are assholes.

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  • tim

    Couldn’t you just get a job in a telemarketing call center if you want to be rejected?
    At least that way you wouldn’t be coercing innocent people into providing you with therapy.

  • Nancy Mc Guffog Oliver

    You can always call the rejection Hot line if you feel the need.

  • tb

    It’s funny that people think that businesses will start bending over backwards when they recognize you.
    If I owned a store in Austin, I’d put a picture of you behind the counter with instructions to my employees to not engage with you because you aren’t actually a customer.

  • Dave

    It may be more than you wanted but there really are a few things to know, that most people don’t really know.
    1. People TRULY do always want to help; as long as their actions don’t conflict with how they will consciously or unconsciously be perceived AND they are able to consciously or unconsciously ‘label’ it internally as ‘helping’ another.
    2. The anticipation of greed (material, emotional, psychological, etc) in another or fear of loss is the main reason people tend to not want to interact with other humans; this is nearly always unconsciously adapted practice become nearly instinctual. Example? Go into ANY box store (hardware stores are best) and ask a customer who is looking at a shelf, “Do you need help?” – 93% will have an answer of “no” (or some variety) prepped as an answer, most begin to answer before you finish the question.
    3. LASTLY and most importantly, IF you are truly attempting to ‘conquer’ fear by these tasks (because they are really entertaining, even if you’re not :) ), then know this:

    FEAR cannot be conquered, yes – you can perhaps be desensitized from it but why would you want to? The secret is NOT eliminating fear, it’s understanding its need and purpose. Example – FEAR of rejection is truly NOT a fear (I know – this sounds crazy, but follow me on this.): The ‘sense’ of rejection you seek to avoid, is ACTUALLY the manifestation of OUR internal anxiety due to our ‘proving’ to ourselves ‘again’ that we have been UNABLE to convince another human that we are NOT who we are ATTEMPTING to be AND that we will perceive the ‘un-acceptance’ of our facade as judgement of our internal being.

    The solution? To realize that NO ONE else impacts our ‘fear’, they merely make US aware of its existence, when in fact, we were attempting to hide it from our self. Realizing that FEAR is (my acronym is my coaching and workshops) is Frequent Exposure to Analysis and Rejection. The Exposure to the Analysis comes during our childhood from caretakers, friends, ‘fitting in’, etc from our environment; the Rejection is the ‘judgement’ of the people, society, environment, during these times of others OR our perception of their judgement. (Amount of rejection received? Greatly impacted by the number of ‘negative’ people in our ‘circles’ during our childhoods and adolescence. AND the FREQUENCY that we’ve experienced this Rejection has tremendous impact on the level of Fear we have as an adult.

    Hope this helps someone out there. If you’d like more, I am a personal achievement coach also develop programs for employers to empower their people to use the strength they already have.

    My blog – https://captivecoaching.wordpress.com/

    Good Luck!
    David Jones

  • Wes

    You are awesome and EXTREMELY inspiring!! Keep on doing what you’re doing!

  • Bibliophile

    Wow. Horrible. Please stop bothering people who are working and are required to be nice to you. Try talking to strangers that don’t have to smile and call you “sir”.

  • Carrie

    Hi There! love your blog! Think it’s a great idea and look forward to seeing more of the stories. I think we all suffer from some form of fear of rejection and this seems like an intersting way to get over that. I do agree with a previous poster that perhaps it should be something you really want or expect to actually get and therefore make the rejection that much more real. However, I also believe that rejection for anything in and of itself can also create the same “shame” emotion that drives our fear of rejection and thus mimic the real thing fairly accurately. I will be very interested to see the future results of your little “experiment” and see if it actually does get you over your fear of rejection. Best of Luck behind you 100% and if I think of any good ideas I will post them here!

  • Tet

    What you’re doing is really interesting, exciting and funny. I hope I can have that same fearless capacity to do such outrageous requests. Watching you do it everyday makes me want to try it too! I do not know though, if some of your requests are being granted because you’re holding a camera.

    • Tet

      FYI, Santa’s address is:
      Santa Claus
      North Pole H0H 0H0.

  • 66muds99


    As a teacher, I cannot encourage you enough to keep going. Well done. You are learning things that many good businessmen will never learn. As someone who’s lived most of his adult life in Asia, I can understand how people avoid rejection.

    Don’t worry about any negative comments. I made a ton of videos when I was your age and we watch them quite often when I get together with friends now. If I were your age, I would have put them on youtube as well. Those videos inspired me to be more inquisitive and adventurous and to see the world – which I did.

    Keep up the good work and keep filming….. no matter what anyone says. Great job!.

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  • Brittany


  • anne

    Love your blog and your great attitude!

  • Royal Pain 007

    Suggestion: ask a local TV station to do a weather bit!!

  • Sweet

    Try going into a car dealership and making it clear you have no intention of buying a car, but ask to borrow one because you have a date and want to impress the girl. It would be better if it was a high end dealership.

    You could also try to get someone to let you eat something off there plate in a restaurant, just tell them it looks really good and if you can try some.

  • Sally

    Even though you’re married, asking a random girl on a date would be a good one (if your wife will let you!). Many people (self included) have a real fear of letting a person of the opposite sex know that you find them attractive and would like to get to know them better.

    Also, something involving telesales or door to door sales. I know they say doing that for a spell is a good way to get over the fear of rejection.

  • ShaySimply

    I think this is great!

  • A

    I think the idea of this is great and hope you have a wonderful 100 days of personal growth. But using a hidden camera on people you don’t know and then featuring them on youtube videos is questionable. Legally don’t you need a written release? (http://www.reelseo.com/video-waivers/) Especially if you are making money off youtube ads, but even if not it seems like it’s crossing some personal privacy line.

    • anastasia

      jia would only need a signed written release if he is making money off of the videos. i doubt he is making money off of them since this is a personal project. the ads on his youtube videos do not belong to jia…it is youtube who is making the money from those ads, not jia. i know this because i am a photographer and i have many friends who are professional photographers and whose sole income is based on what they make from photography.

  • Amy Audetat

    Jia, of course you are doing something like this! Brilliant!

    Make something semi-artistic. Take it to a gallery and see if they’ll display it for you.

  • John Klemets

    Jia — I got word of this out in San Francisco, you’re famous! Congrats, keep up the good work, Say hi to Tracy, Jumbo and of course Baby.

  • Karla Smith

    Bibliophile is sooo wrong – you’re not bothering people. If anything, you’re helping them out of their mundane, everyday chore for a few minutes and getting them to think outside the box! Especially love the burger refill idea! HAHA!! I just want to know what happened to day 12? And can you clean that little squiggly off the right side of the screen? Also, I think your camera still isn’t too well-hidden; the lady you asked about taking the project management exam kept looking right into it – seemed she knew it was there… I think Texas towns will be on to you before day 100 arrives. Workers are probably already on the lookout for you. :) Great job though!! Lots of fun!

  • Rachel

    Oh my—you really need to do a better job hiding that camera!!

  • Kat

    Hi! let me say I admire you! My thoughts on this are you seem to be setting yourself up for rejection based on requests that are not everyday requests. That being said..if someone approached you with the requests you are asking of them..how would you respond? Maybe take a step back from strange requests and for a real human experience..approach someone on a park bench and say “I have had a really bad day! Can I talk to you for a minute?” If they say yes..tell them how you are afraid of failure..if they say no…your have gotten the response you expected. Good luck on your journey..may God Bless you..your wife..and child! The proof of Jackie and FedEx man should give you hope…your experiment has helped many people look at the world differently..that in itself is a wonderful thing!!

    • Tom

      I agree with Kat; when you leave yourself vulnerable by being authentic and feeling the fear that arises from it is a lot more powerful of an experience than acting through a persona where you’re not really attached to the outcome. If the experience leaves your blood racing and heart pumping like a million volts in a copper-lined bathtub then it’s probably genuine and authentic; the real deal.

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  • Bobby

    Try registering for college with out a GED or high school diploma.

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  • Ike

    Some ideas (may have already been mentioned, I didn’t read all the comments):
    – Ask someone if you can walk their dog.
    – Offer someone a bag of takeout or fast food.
    – Ask someone to let you cut their hair.
    – Ask a local band if you can sing / play a song with them.
    – Offer to carry someone’s groceries to their car.
    – Ask a neighbor if you can give their kids Christmas presents, then follow through if they say yes!

    • Eddie

      Ask a girl in a bar if she will buy you a drink….

  • tra

    I agree with 66mdds99

  • Pingback: Porfirio Chesnutt

  • Brittany

    where is day 12?

    • MR FIX IT

      Yes where is day 12 ???? I thought I was the only one missing it

      • Andy

        Day 12

  • Eric S

    I think this is a great idea, but i had a thought. It seems that you are wanting to hear no, so you ask for things that you know should get a “no” response. Is that really going to help you when are in the situation of having to ask for something in which you want a “yes” response? Shouldnt you be gearing your requests to that end of the thought process? The car salesman was a great example of such thing, learning sales from someone with that level of experience and success is something that you should want.Just a though

  • Pingback: Blogger Seeks Rejection, Surprised With Krispy Kreme Olympic Rings Instead

  • Sean

    Here’s an idea… Go to the grocery store and check out. Tell them you left your wallet at home. Ask if you can take the groceries home and come back in half an hour to pay for them.

  • Theresa Maria

    Since you are going to be doing this for 100 days, why not try to do/get something positive out of it (other than a “NO”)? What I mean to say is, try to actually get a “YES” out of something that you think will most likely be a “NO”, and then take those “Yeses” and use them for good. So, make a goal for the remainder of days, that you are going to take any “yeses” or “positive” answers and apply them towards your goal. For example, any “YES” answers you receive will go towards helping the homeless or a homeless shelter. So, when you asked the man for $100, was that really a practical question someone would ask? Not really. But, if you were planning on using it to help the homeless, I bet he would have given it to you (or at the very least, helped you to find a way). Watching that first day video, when you asked him for the money, the first thing he said was “WHY?”. I’m sure you would still have the same nervous feeling, whether or not you got a YES or NO, so why not ask something difficult, but not impossible. And if you have a significant reason for doing it, you may very well get a YES, and help others out, which may be more fulfilling, that this whole experiment to begin with.

    If you’re ever in the So. Cal. area, I’d be up to helping you participate in a day (or more) with you, to try to get people to reconsider an almost always “NO” reply (as in “Can I have a $100?). One fun idea/event that would involve a LOT of peeps would be to go to a homeless area where there are many people living there (say 25 or so). Then, go across the street/to a local shopping center, where there is a fast food place/restaurant. Ask random people to commit the next two hours with you, and $10 (or $20, so they can participate in eating). Then you all go across the street, where the homeless are, and each person invites one homeless person to go and buy lunch/dinner at the fast food place (or even a restaurant, if you want to increase the $). And maybe you can get them to sit down with them and actually visit for an hour with their new homeless friend. I bet you’d have a lot of “No’s”, but also have some “Yeses”. How nervous would you be to organize something like that? Very, I bet. And who would receive the rewards and blessings? Them, or you? “For, it is in giving, that we receive”. Saint Francis of Assisi

    Theresa in Southern California

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  • Victoria T.

    you skipped a day the 12th

    • Andy


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  • charli

    If you see someone walking their dog and you are allowed to pet it ask if you can take the dog home and keep it! The owner will say not but at the same time be flattered.

  • Elisabeth

    ask to drive the zamboni once around at an ice skating rink

  • Chari Granstra

    You are amazing! I’m a Jia fan!!

  • Will

    Ask to drive peoples supercars………

    • Eddie

      oh, that’s good!!!

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  • El Levy

    I was a cab driver for 30 years.
    I believe informing driver you are going to a well hidden,very difficult to navigate address.
    Convince driver you’d both be better off if you get behind the wheel.
    I’d love to view that video.

    • Nicky Moore

      That’s hilarious

    • Patty

      Yeah……this is a good one!!!!

  • Nicky Moore

    One of my favorite parts of these videos is your ability to see your mistakes and to attempt at correcting them instead of taking it personally. (A great lesson for me!) I love witnessing this journey.

  • Christine Marsh

    Excellent Dude, I absolutely love that you are doing this. It has to be very inspiring to many. It is pretty awesome that so many people bend over backwards to get you a yes though! Imagine a world where everyone went for their dreams – having the fears, but doing what it takes anyway. This may have been said already, but, I want to see you do some things that you really care about getting a yes. This way, when you get a no, it may be better practice for you. Thank You for being you! :-D

  • PMalai

    Suggestion / crazy request : Do a takeout order go for the pickup 1/2 or one hour late and then ask them to serve/dine-in of the food.

  • Patty

    I love that you are doing this!! If you really are looking for a big, fat NO – then ask a stranger (at the mall, park, etc.) if you can hold their baby. I’d be really surprised if any parent would ever let you do this.

  • Alessandro

    Suggestions: – Ask if you can ride a firetruck/ambulance/police car around a block or two.
    – If you plan on taking the plane during your challenge, ask for a free upgrade

  • Chris

    It sounds like you started with the plan that getting rejected 100 times would give you a thick skin so you could appear more confident. BUT are learning something much more valubale…don’t be afraid to take chances, even if they seem crazy, because you might just NOT be rejected. And what an advertisement your videos are for Texas and the people there, I think I need to pick up and move to Texas now :-)
    Your videos are a nice daily smile. I appreciate that you are doing thoughtful activities and not just silly or rude things like most of the prank shows these days. I love the suggestions above about asking your own CD to be played at Starbucks, and taking your personal art work to an art gallery and asking them to include it for a night.

    • deb

      I think both of Chris’ suggestions are great.!!!!

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  • Spaggio Scoiotollo

    Um? Can Spaggio know what happens on day 12? Also 14 and 15… Can understand if you have stopped though. Is difficult to do. Please do tell that so can go back to crossword puzzle.

    • Jia

      On day 12, I met with Jackie again.

      For 14 and 15, I have had equipment issues. Will upload soon.

      Thanks for patience.

  • Spaggio Scoiotollo

    Yay! Spaggio can’t wait.

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  • Rachel

    Go into a restaurant and after you eat and get your bill….tell them you left your wallet at home, if you can wash dishes instead to pay off your tab.

  • Dori

    Love it! Especially coz I’m in Austin. Amy’s ice cream – how creative can they get? Can you bring in your own oreos to save a buck? Can they juggle the ice cream? I mean, they are pretty talented w/those scoops. Zilker Park – there has to be something u could do w/the trails or people on them. There is a club that has a night where hula hoopers go and hula hoop w/fire (it’s on a weeknight and I’ve never been but a girl that does it told me about it – you could google it). Seems like you could get a story out of that somewhere. Austin Dog Rescue this Sat North and next Sat South is doing dog pics w/Santa or the Grinch for a 20 dollar donation (check their website and times). Ask to take your picture w/someone elses dog (and give to the cause coz it’s an awesome one). They are wonderful people who really care about the animals. Go to the Farmers Market on Sunday at Highland (which is pretty cool btw) and see what you can barter for w/other goods or if that blow up house for the kids is still there – see if you can jump in it or sing w/the band (if they have one there again). Hell, you should go to that even if you don’t do a video – it’s fun and supports the farmers. Wish I could come up w/something that would make a great impact but all I am coming up w/now is goofyideas…maybe something more worthy will hit me later :)

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  • Rosy

    do a couple of sessions of hypnotherapy, get to the root causes of your fears of rejection. release them and you are good to go. use Emotional Freedom technique to release Now. youtube instructional clips on fears & anxiety on EFT. train your mind body to release, not continue to carry negative energies

  • joe

    Go into a courthouse or lawyers office and ask for a hug.

  • Shannon

    Go to a dog park and ask to wash someone’s dog.

  • Pingback: Natashia Cryder

  • Sarah

    One thing that was a shock to me when I had my company was dealing with the government. Things like permits, licensing, etc. So I think you should make some requests of government employees and officials.
    A) Ask the mayor for the key to the city.
    B) Ask the sanitation department to drive the garbage truck.
    C) Go to your congressperson’s office and ask for some earmark to benefit your company.

  • Pingback: Don Hafter

  • Steve

    I don’t think you are crazy but doing something tough to help develop your confidence or character. I am working on something similar to build up my confidence for dating women I have to meet 300 people and try to talk them, for an introvert this is tough. The people can’t take your money such as cashiers or waitresses, etc… which makes it so they have no incentive to be nice to you other than what you can offer in an interesting conversation.

    Some people outright reject me which hurts but I have to toughen myself up and others have been more positive than I would have expected. Still no girlfriend but meeting 300 people will take a long time where I live.

    One of the most successful attempts I made was teasing a tall blonde attractive women about her Viking heritage. Wow that worked fantastically with her smiling, giggling, and twirling her hair but unfortunately she was married wish I knew that early on but just to she her happy was worth it in the end.

    I don’t think women realize how much stress, effort, and sometimes pain is involved with asking a women out and getting rejected. When you are an introvert this is very tough. I guess most women think that it is very easy for the guy. For the women out there please at least be polite and if not interested in us let us know right away.

  • Jeremy-PH

    this is so inspiring…

  • Jenn

    Great Idea! I think though if you chose situations that would be a bit more challenging could actually then help you overcome your fears of rejection. Looks like to me these exercises so far is helping you build your confidence with people skills and communication but you’ll missing the point of wanting to overcome your fears of rejections.

  • craigberger

    Cute, but anyone who has the balls to walk up to a complete stranger and do even one of these things doesn’t really have a problem with rejection.

  • Kevin

    You should go to a walmart and asked to stock items for one hour for free.

  • Kendrick

    You should ask a Police Officer to drive his patrol vehicle!

  • Joann

    The first few days I really enjoyed you Vlog, however, now I am bored with it….if its only day 13.and I am already bored, how will you get to 100 days? The reason I feel this way is because at first you hid the camera and had some exciting requests, but the latest with the exam really bothered me…if they see a camera they are not going to be their true selves..maybe you can get a pair of glasses with a camera..they sell them. I know you want your request denied….but make it a bit more fun for the viewers so we dont lose interest…

  • Claudia Bear

    Order a drink somewhere, but ask for “an extra medium”.

  • Peace and Harmony

    Speak for yourself Joann although you are a good example for handling rejection. He’s not sniping at anyone and it isn’t about you this time. I am enjoying what is being learned in spite of you, that people are kinder, caring and more sympathetic than you’d expect so if you are honest, open and sincere more likely than not you’ll gain confidence in trusting people to be considerate and compassionate as they will in you.

  • Dad Of The Day

    Well I suppose he got his 100 days therapy in 3 days. What a discount and FREE at that.

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  • Jay

    Ask a random person at Walmart/Target to buy you something expensive you want.

  • Pingback: Melba Hudak

  • rea

    go to a small business and ask t work a few hours for free. (mom and pop shops)

  • Pingback: Darin Pletz

  • Jeffry williams

    simple but crazy try to negotiate the price down on common items at a grocery store like toothpaste or toilet paper or diapers anything see if you can get fifty cents or a dollar off at checkout with no coupon.

  • Gabe S

    Ask someone if you can paint the entire exterior of their house.

  • Mark M

    How about going to a fast food place and offering to buy the workers lunch from a different fast food place.

  • mina

    I need all the lights in this store :D

  • Jeffry williams

    I think negotiating is vital in the business world like to see if you can overcome any no replies when asking for discounts not only at grocery stores but at other places that normally do not cut price like for a movie ticket, oil change, clothing stores, fast food etc. With no coupons see how difficult it is to get .50 cents to a dollar or more off.

  • BethB

    Oh my goodness, you need to THANK people when they go out of their way to HELP YOU! Maybe that is why you have had rejection…people sense that you are not appreciative, sincere or thankful and they say “NO” to you!!

  • yolianne

    As a psychology student I have learn so much from you! Thanks!! ;}

  • Noisegaze

    Hi Jia,

    You should find someone in a parking lot and ask them if you can test-drive their car because you would be like to buy the same model or something like that.
    Either they say no or you get to cruise around the block with them in the passenger seat.

  • scoutypoo

    I love what you are doing! I can’t wait to see all 100 videos of your therapy.

    I think you should go to a pet store and ask to clean one of the pet’s cages.

  • superman9152001

    Go to a Furniture Store/Mattress Store and ask the clerk if you can take a hour nap in the bed area or on a recliner and if they could keep the noise level down while you are napping.

    • Jia

      Will try this someday. Thanks!

      • superman9152001

        I am a big fan, love the idea and showing truly how people react in strange situation. You are excellent at keeping the conversation going even in the light of defeat!!! Awesome, I can name several times I laid down on new beds or nice massaging recliners trying them out and often thinking wheres the popcorn and turn on the tv please. Best of luck in your ventures I will be watching Jia

  • OBDeliveryRN

    I love these clips! Keep them coming….I’ve read a few good suggestions on here, asking a stranger to test drive their car and napping in the mattress store are two of them. Thanks for the entertainment. It’s nice to laugh at good, clean fun.

  • Evan

    Really neat to watch and quite entertaining. What do you think about people who have a hard time saying no? Is that a similar, “fear of rejection” that you have with rejection? Think of it this way, most people don’t like to say no, but in the business world no is used with clarity.

  • Bossman

    Very innovative way to learn good business practices and salesmanship! You already knew the most important lesson in salesmanship…rejection, but you took it one step further by learning to accept it as being a part of the business relationships you will encounter! I love it! Keep it up! I do suggest however that you do not attempt some of these tactics up in the northeast…esp the Best Buy one that request can get ugly in the NY area!

  • Lori Messineo San Martin

    Great idea! Stick to simple things or people will suspect something is up.
    1. Fill up a grocery cart FULL and then ask someone in line if you can go ahead of them.
    2. Ask someone to fill your tank at the pump since you hate the smell of gas.
    3. In a crowded parking lot ask someone who just parked their car if you can have their space as you are in a big hurry.
    Hope you can hide the camera. Best wishes to you.

  • Bossman

    In watching more of these videos…people in Texas are very nice! I’m gonna move there!

  • Sarah Leever

    You should go to IKEA and ask if you can take a nap or spend the night in one of their display beds/bedrooms. If they say No, you can say “But they do that in the commercials!”

  • Dan

    You overcome fear by taking baby steps in the field you are in, learning the ropes one day at a time until you become confident and become a subject matter expert for the field you are in. The examples shown are not valid real life examples for which fear excercises would be beneficial. He doesn’t seem to have a fear of dealing with people. He is a good well pronounced speaker. If you are in the tech field and have fear, get the blueprint for your goal, such as a Venture Capital slide deck outline and a mentor to go along with it, versus asking for people to make donuts in the form of the Olympic symbol. No knowledge is being gained in these “Keep Austin Weird” requests and therefore, no value added benefit is attained. This is the product of what’s coming out of our universities? Start at the bottom and work your way up. There is no one to fear at the bottom and as you gain experience, you will move up without fear.

    • Sarah Leever

      Dan, I’m an occupational therapist with a strong background in psychology and mental health (just so you know where I’m coming from). I’d like to say that not all exercises for development of coping skills or addressing anxieties/fears has to consist of the practice of “real life” activities. It’s perfectly fine to start with simpler exercises that don’t seem to relate at all to real life, as this will have a high chance for success and mastery vs failure. For instance, in mental health settings, we often have patients do craft activities as a way to address anxiety, low self-esteem, etc. before moving on to real-life situations that can have more serious, real consequences. Jia is obviously learning some valuable lessons from each of these experiences, so I would say that his approach is quite effective and beneficial. The only thing that I think he should maybe change is the length of time he’s doing this. I don’t think he needs to do this for 100 days. I think just 30 days would be sufficient. He’s rapidly learning and growing from this after just 14 days. If he wants to shoot for 100 days, he could start moving on to more real-life situations where he starts facing personal and professional challenges that would have consequences in the case of rejection.

  • Moonpie

    Ask a school administrator to let you the principal for a day or ask the public library to let you run the checkout for a day.

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  • Tom Matthews

    Call up “The Tonight Show” and ask to be Jay Leno’s first guest of the evening (however, with your new found fame, you unfortunately might not get rejected so you may need to modify this).

  • chris

    - Knock on a door of a private residence and see if you can use their bathroom.
    – Go up to someone and ask if they’ll give you a ride to the next town.
    – See if someone will read you a bedtime story as you tote a blanket and pillow up to them.
    – See if one of those massage places in the mall will give you a massage for free.
    – Go to a sporting event or similar that has extra seats and ask them if they’ll let you in. Tell them you’ll work the concession stand if they’ll let you in.

    I had a similar assignment as part of a corporate negotiations class. I asked the hotel to provide me a free meal in the hotel restaurant as I checked in. I didn’t get it, but they gave me and my coworker coupons for two free adult drinks. Another guy offered a quarter at starbucks for his morning coffee. she said yes. Good luck and there’s no doubt you’ll learn much from your efforts.

  • Cecelia Oberg

    That was great of Jackie & She seemed like she was concerned about getting it right & in a timely fashion & truly Wanted to fulfill his request. She Totally should be recognized for her effort & initiative @work! More people should take note from people like her. Kudos!

  • KrishnaM

    Go to an Indian restaurant and ask the manager if you could take someone’s order in Indian accent. (Actually for Indians there it may or may not be strange to hear you in Indian accent if the mgr allows you because there are many Indians from the Northeastern states who look Chinese.)

  • Steven

    You. Are. AWESOME! Here’s an idea for you: ask someone to dance in an elevator that has music playing. This would be EPIC.

  • Patrick

    How bout going into a laundromat completely naked and asking somebody for a change of clothes………too far?

  • Chris

    This is awesome!! I enjoyed reading your blog and watching your videos!! Keep up the good work!!!

  • Kali

    I love your idea of documenting your experiences on this website! It’s a great affirmation that the world Is mostly filled with basically good people who try to help, even when they half to turn you down. As for the bad ones, we just need a little thicker skin. I’ve also have done this a few times and it always makes me feel braver and a little more connected and confident. Have fun and good luck!

  • Lauren

    I love watching all the videos! This is something I would never have the courage or be brave enough to do. Keep up the good work!

  • annie

    can you teach me your favorite dance move? Will you dance with me? Can you sing me your favorite song?

  • Egg Foo Young

    here’s an idea why dont you make me some pork fried rice and sweet and sour chicken, play me in some chinese checkers, and do my laundry.

  • Nicholas Colon

    Ask a police officer to ride along with him for a certain amount of time. See America’s finest at their finest.

  • Maddie Siebum

    go to someone’s house with no christmas decorations and ask if you can decorate for them. or something like that!

  • christine

    Ask a 6th grade teacher if you can sit in on their class for a while.

  • Ola

    seriously it was awesome to capture all the face expressions of those folks. I was more surprised of the smart positioning of your cameras in every video and most of all with the Krispy Kreme. It felt like it was attached to your hat. Advice what’s the range or how many GBs is your cam Jia? or where can I purchase a camera like the one you had on at Krsipy Kreme !

  • ShaunaNicole

    I have suffered with anxiety now going on for 7 years and although to some 7 years may not sound like much at all – this is a disorder that keeps you cornered in a small dark jail cell and won’t allow you to break out. What may seem so simple, so easy, so incredibly small (such as a “hello” or a simple conversation starter) is incredibly hard and virtually impossible for those who suffer to the extreme that I do. I ache day in and day out to break free of this jail cell I am in and just put myself out there, enjoy a social life, and just let this heaping of insecurity fall off my back.

    I have fought so incredibly hard to break out of this concrete block that has encompassed my ability to venture out socially. I have cried many tears, I have suffered with loneliness, and I have played the guilt game as well. But when I saw these videos and the smile that followed you out of every outcome, bad or good, well it is so inspiring that I want to just go into Walmart and greet the first person I see, shake their hand, introduce myself, and feel GOOD about it. Thank you for these videos and thank you for doing what many of us are too afraid to do.

    You will go far!

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  • Tyler

    Go into a school and see if you can be teacher/principal/student/etc. for a day.

  • Jeni Pandey

    Oh, how I love the scope of this whole project. The only thing I would LOVE to see would be for you to up the ante of each one project, as you go. They seem to mundane!

  • allie

    This is such an awesome project, not only for yourself, but for people around you and following your blog/story. It is inspiring to see the reactions of some people in your videos and jaw dropping. As you said in the krispy kreme video, it restores some faith in humanity seeing this project be done. Keep up the amazing work!!!! :)

  • Karen

    I love this! This is so unique and so much fun! Awesome job!

  • Ray

    You want to experience rejection? Get a job in sales!

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  • Jesse

    Here’s an Idea: Show up at a gas station and ask people to buy you gas. If you need an excuse, say you really need it to get to the hospital to visit a dying relative but you forgot your wallet at home and have no gas to get back.

    • Jesse

      Another idea — show up late at a packed movie with a kid (call him your nephew or something) and ask some guys in the very middle to give up their seats for you and your nephew because the little guy can’t see the screen from the first row. If you want a lower chance of success, just go alone and tell them you have a bad neck so you can’t sit in the front.

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  • Teddy P

    True rejection therapy would be without a blog, no video, just self. In my opinion there is a degree of comfort and enabling of true feelings that come with being recorded and blogging about it. For me if I know I am being watched or can mask my true self by pretending to be someone else I can deflect some of the embarrassment and awkwardness away from myself and protect my sensitive ego.

    In spite of this, I really enjoy these types of experiments and would suggest to you to do 50 more days with no blogging, no video and no communicating with others about the experience. Just have it for yourself and see if there is a difference.

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  • Duo Head

    Try going to a school and asking a teacher to take one of her tests.

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  • dave

    I’m enjoying this study, but it seems like it might become more effective if you actually tried to use your negotiating skills so you don’t get rejected so much. 100 days of rejection.. you expect to get rejected.. but it’s actually cool when you don’t .. even the first day.. the guy you asked to borrow $100 for – he first says no.. but as you’re walking away he asks why? you might have been able to get some money.. that almost like asking a VC money and they say NO — are you just going to quit and walk????

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  • Lolita

    I don’t know if you already did this one, but i recommend you walk into Heb and ask them if they will let you sing a song in the intercom :)

  • Bobby

    leave it up to Fox to spell your name wrong. haha.

  • Mike

    Suggestion: Go to a fast food place and ask if you can make your food
    Go to a crowded place like a mall and ask a bunch of people if you can have a hug.

    If you do any of these I’d love a shout out in one of your video posts!
    Love what you are doing,

    Mike from Ohio

  • Pingback: Michale Perchinski

  • Pingback: Robt Diliberti

  • Rachel

    You should have asked her why you can’t do the weather? DIG DEEPER and ask more questions.

  • Rachel

    Go ask someone if you can try a bite of their food or take a sip of their drink. Tell them you would like to try it out first before you buy one.

  • Rachel

    Go and ask some people if you can hang out with them.

  • Rachel

    Ask a shopper at the grocery store if you can help them out by pushing their grocery cart around the store for them.

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  • Pingback: Luigi Hobler

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  • Rachel

    You were AWESOME on the Southwest Flight!!! That was sooo brave.

  • Laurie

    Hi Jia…Thank You so much for inspiring me to make my own crazy request yesterday. We were visiting Cambria, California and had ridden our bikes past a hotel with a beautiful succulent garden. I saw that there were lots of plants that were possible to separate and plant in my own garden but I didn’t want to just take one, so the next day after struggling back and forth whether to ask or not I decided to go back and ask the manager if it was possible for me to dig up one of their plants and take it home! Much to my amazement the guy instantly said Yes, without question :). So he followed us outside with his shovel and dug me up several baby plants to take home!! It was an amazing experience. Keep up the good work…

    Another entrepreneur ( 30 years )

  • Kathy T.

    I never follow blogs or bloggers, but I found you and I just love your 100 days of rejection therapy and all of the interesting people you meet and situations you put yourself into. What a lot of fun and I really think that it helps that you’re so charming and gracious yourself. It makes me look forward to what you are going to do the next day. Guess I can’t say I never follow bloggers ever again because I am definitely following yours. Keep up the good work.

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  • David

    Jia, I beg of you, to try to describe experiences etc. as something other than AWESOME. That word means nothing anymore and you are depriving us of what you really mean to say.

  • Rachel

    haha—Did you think Santa was trying to hit on you?? lmao.

  • Rachel

    I think it could have worked at Salt Lick if you brought in some type of meat that they don’t have on hand.

  • Codi

    What if you ask a random person at a gas station if you can fill up their gas for them? Also, because you are trying to be rejected, think of something that is totally outragious but that you have ALWAYS wanted to do/try, it would help a lot to get rejected on something that you really want to do.

    • Jia

      Codi, good advices. Will give you a shoutout if I do the gas request.

  • Rachel

    You should probably not go to BIG chain stores….I would do smaller stores. The big chain stores have too many rules and regulations.

  • Rachel

    Shawna is amazing.

  • Reader

    You could ask a homeless person to have lunch with you.

    • sr

      Nice try!She would still reject me, she would rather starve!

  • Pierre

    Here is an interesting suggestion of rejection therapy: Order a pizza and ask the pizza delivery guy to buy McDonald’s for you on his way!

  • texasborn Charli

    My shy kids (12 & 17), are now watching posts with me. We enjoy trying to read the faces to see if we can tell if they will say yes or no. They both hate rejection and its been really interesting to open a dialogue with them about this. Your’e halfway there!

  • Harry Wan

    Hi Jia, we need people like you for our company

    • Jia

      Haha, thanks! What company do you work for?

  • vivirenestemundo

    Simply Brilliant.

  • Traci

    OMG, You are farkin’ hilarious! I would love to go do this with you!

  • Rachel

    What about helping a girl scout sell some cookies in front of a store??

    • Jia

      Rachel, you are simply a day early in posting this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oJV0q0Z48I

      Look for my blog post tomorrow. :)

  • Indra Kusmanto

    Jia, this is awesome! I am amazed and inspired with what you did! Thanks, man!

  • Rene Dellabarba

    Hi, I have a nice suggestion for you!

    You could get a bunch of bananas, go out on the streets, and ask people to have a photo of them eating the bananas! that would be fun!

    • Jia

      That’s a fun suggestion. I will try that later, because I don’t want it to come right after the apple one. Thank you!

  • Gilles Vanderveken

    Thank you for doing this Jia, I really enjoy watching your videos. It inspired me to start rejection therapy myself..I got my first 2 rejections today and it gave me some sense of freedom :)

  • Rachel

    Why did the Target worker say he was a bit sick??

  • Ruben Gonzalez

    love these :D

  • boarder

    This is awesome well done, think of all the other fears that can be over come by challenging it once a day. Meny debilitating fears that negatively can be conquered

  • none

    For your last rejection try this :
    grow mustache and beard and go to the same place you have been,wear difficult clothes as well so that people cannot recognize you and ask for the same stuff and see the outcome.
    Is appearance important ?

  • Marcus

    I saw you speak at the 2013 World Domination Summit and I was totally blown away! You are an awesome inspiration and I would love to have a wife like yours.

    In my spare time I have been trying to do Street Photography specifically because it is so far out of my comfort zone. Most times I try to take candids, so I don’t ask, but other times–usually when I want a portrait of a couple holding hands, I’ll screw up my courage and ask permission. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the answer was “yes” a lot of the time, and when it isn’t, I’m learning to simply let it wash over me and move on to the next thing.

    Thanks, Press on Jia.
    Marcus Kaneshiro

  • Bogdan Lapadus

    Great job dude!

  • Rosie Evie

    wow awesome post!

  • trickinglifestyle


  • Preethi

    Just brilliant!!! I’m so inspired..